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driverblocklist.cxx File Reference
#include <driverblocklist.hxx>
#include <algorithm>
#include <sal/log.hxx>
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static OperatingSystem DriverBlocklist::getOperatingSystem (const OString &rString)
static VersionComparisonOp DriverBlocklist::getComparison (const OString &rString)
static OUString DriverBlocklist::GetVendorId (const OString &rString)
OUString DriverBlocklist::GetVendorId (DeviceVendor id)
DeviceVendor DriverBlocklist::GetVendorFromId (uint32_t id)
 Returns vendor for the given vendor ID, or VendorAll if not known. More...
OUStringLiteral DriverBlocklist::GetVendorNameFromId (uint32_t id)
static void DriverBlocklist::PadDriverDecimal (char *aString)
static bool DriverBlocklist::SplitDriverVersion (const char *aSource, char *aAStr, char *aBStr, char *aCStr, char *aDStr)
static bool DriverBlocklist::ParseDriverVersion (const OUString &aVersion, uint64_t &rNumericVersion)
static uint64_t DriverBlocklist::getVersion (const OString &rString)
static OperatingSystem DriverBlocklist::getOperatingSystem ()
bool DriverBlocklist::FindBlocklistedDeviceInList (std::vector< DriverInfo > &aDeviceInfos, OUString const &sDriverVersion, OUString const &sAdapterVendorID, OUString const &sAdapterDeviceID, OperatingSystem system, const OUString &blocklistURL)
bool DriverBlocklist::IsDeviceBlocked (const OUString &blocklistURL, const OUString &driverVersion, const OUString &vendorId, const OUString &deviceId)


const uint64_t DriverBlocklist::allDriverVersions = ~(uint64_t(0))

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