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Qt5MimeData Class Referencefinal

A lazy loading QMimeData for XTransferable reads. More...

#include <Qt5Transferable.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 Qt5MimeData (const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > &aContents)
bool hasFormat (const QString &mimeType) const override
QStringList formats () const override
bool deepCopy (QMimeData **const) const
css::datatransfer::XTransferable * xTransferable () const

Private Member Functions

QVariant retrieveData (const QString &mimeType, QVariant::Type type) const override

Private Attributes

const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > m_aContents
bool m_bHaveNoCharset
bool m_bHaveUTF8
QStringList m_aMimeTypeList


class Qt5ClipboardTransferable

Detailed Description

A lazy loading QMimeData for XTransferable reads.

This is an interface class to make a XTransferable read accessible as a QMimeData. The mime data is just stored inside the XTransferable, never in the QMimeData itself! It's objects are just used for QClipboard to read the XTransferable data.

Like XTransferable itself, this class should be considered an immutable container for mime data. There is no need to ever set any of its data.

LO will offer at least UTF-16, if there is a viable text representation. If LO misses to offer a UTF-8 or a locale encoded string, these objects will offer them themselves and convert from UTF-16 on demand.

It's the "mirror" interface of the Qt5Transferable.

Definition at line 102 of file Qt5Transferable.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Qt5MimeData::Qt5MimeData ( const css::uno::Reference< css::datatransfer::XTransferable > &  aContents)

Member Function Documentation

bool Qt5MimeData::deepCopy ( QMimeData **  const) const
QStringList Qt5MimeData::formats ( ) const
bool Qt5MimeData::hasFormat ( const QString &  mimeType) const
QVariant Qt5MimeData::retrieveData ( const QString &  mimeType,
QVariant::Type  type 
) const
css::datatransfer::XTransferable* Qt5MimeData::xTransferable ( ) const

Definition at line 121 of file Qt5Transferable.hxx.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Qt5ClipboardTransferable

Definition at line 104 of file Qt5Transferable.hxx.

Member Data Documentation

const css::uno::Reference<css::datatransfer::XTransferable> Qt5MimeData::m_aContents

Definition at line 106 of file Qt5Transferable.hxx.

QStringList Qt5MimeData::m_aMimeTypeList

Definition at line 109 of file Qt5Transferable.hxx.

bool Qt5MimeData::m_bHaveNoCharset

Definition at line 107 of file Qt5Transferable.hxx.

bool Qt5MimeData::m_bHaveUTF8

Definition at line 108 of file Qt5Transferable.hxx.

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