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Impl_Gradient Class Reference

#include <gradient.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 Impl_Gradient ()
 Impl_Gradient (const Impl_Gradient &rImplGradient)
bool operator== (const Impl_Gradient &rImpl_Gradient) const

Public Attributes

GradientStyle meStyle
Color maStartColor
Color maEndColor
sal_uInt16 mnAngle
sal_uInt16 mnBorder
sal_uInt16 mnOfsX
sal_uInt16 mnOfsY
sal_uInt16 mnIntensityStart
sal_uInt16 mnIntensityEnd
sal_uInt16 mnStepCount

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file gradient.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Impl_Gradient::Impl_Gradient ( )
Impl_Gradient::Impl_Gradient ( const Impl_Gradient rImplGradient)

Definition at line 37 of file gdi/gradient.cxx.

References meStyle, mnAngle, mnBorder, mnIntensityEnd, mnIntensityStart, mnOfsX, mnOfsY, and mnStepCount.

Member Function Documentation

bool Impl_Gradient::operator== ( const Impl_Gradient rImpl_Gradient) const

Member Data Documentation

Color Impl_Gradient::maEndColor
Color Impl_Gradient::maStartColor
GradientStyle Impl_Gradient::meStyle
sal_uInt16 Impl_Gradient::mnAngle

Definition at line 44 of file gradient.hxx.

Referenced by Gradient::GetAngle(), Impl_Gradient(), operator==(), and Gradient::SetAngle().

sal_uInt16 Impl_Gradient::mnBorder

Definition at line 45 of file gradient.hxx.

Referenced by Gradient::GetBorder(), Impl_Gradient(), operator==(), and Gradient::SetBorder().

sal_uInt16 Impl_Gradient::mnIntensityEnd
sal_uInt16 Impl_Gradient::mnIntensityStart
sal_uInt16 Impl_Gradient::mnOfsX

Definition at line 46 of file gradient.hxx.

Referenced by Gradient::GetOfsX(), Impl_Gradient(), operator==(), and Gradient::SetOfsX().

sal_uInt16 Impl_Gradient::mnOfsY

Definition at line 47 of file gradient.hxx.

Referenced by Gradient::GetOfsY(), Impl_Gradient(), operator==(), and Gradient::SetOfsY().

sal_uInt16 Impl_Gradient::mnStepCount

Definition at line 50 of file gradient.hxx.

Referenced by Gradient::GetSteps(), Impl_Gradient(), operator==(), and Gradient::SetSteps().

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