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ImplSalDDB Member List

This is the complete list of members for ImplSalDDB, including all inherited members.

ImplDraw(Drawable aSrcDrawable, long nSrcDrawableDepth, Drawable aDstDrawable, long nSrcX, long nSrcY, long nDestWidth, long nDestHeight, long nDestX, long nDestY, const GC &rGC)ImplSalDDBprivatestatic
ImplDraw(Drawable aDrawable, const SalTwoRect &rTwoRect, const GC &rGC) const ImplSalDDB
ImplGetDepth() const ImplSalDDBinline
ImplGetHeight() const ImplSalDDBinline
ImplGetPixmap() const ImplSalDDBinline
ImplGetScreen() const ImplSalDDBinline
ImplGetWidth() const ImplSalDDBinline
ImplMatches(SalX11Screen nXScreen, long nDepth, const SalTwoRect &rTwoRect) const ImplSalDDB
ImplSalDDB(XImage *pImage, Drawable aDrawable, SalX11Screen nXScreen, const SalTwoRect &rTwoRect)ImplSalDDB
ImplSalDDB(Drawable aDrawable, SalX11Screen nXScreen, long nDrawableDepth, long nX, long nY, long nWidth, long nHeight)ImplSalDDB