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ImplOpenGLTexture Class Reference

#include <texture.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 ImplOpenGLTexture (int nWidth, int nHeight, bool bAllocate)
 ImplOpenGLTexture (int nWidth, int nHeight, int nFormat, int nType, void const *pData)
 ImplOpenGLTexture (int nX, int nY, int nWidth, int nHeight)
 ~ImplOpenGLTexture ()
bool InsertBuffer (int nX, int nY, int nWidth, int nHeight, int nFormat, int nType, sal_uInt8 const *pData)
void IncreaseRefCount (int nSlotNumber)
void DecreaseRefCount (int nSlotNumber)
void InitializeSlotMechanism (int nInitialSlotSize)
void SetSlotDeallocateCallback (std::function< void(int)> aCallback)
void ResetSlotDeallocateCallback ()
GLuint AddStencil ()

Public Attributes

GLuint mnTexture
int mnWidth
int mnHeight
GLenum mnFilter
GLuint mnOptStencil
std::unique_ptr< std::vector< int > > mpSlotReferences
std::function< void(int)> mFunctSlotDeallocateCallback

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file texture.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ImplOpenGLTexture::ImplOpenGLTexture ( int  nWidth,
int  nHeight,
bool  bAllocate 
ImplOpenGLTexture::ImplOpenGLTexture ( int  nWidth,
int  nHeight,
int  nFormat,
int  nType,
void const *  pData 
ImplOpenGLTexture::ImplOpenGLTexture ( int  nX,
int  nY,
int  nWidth,
int  nHeight 
ImplOpenGLTexture::~ImplOpenGLTexture ( )

Member Function Documentation

GLuint ImplOpenGLTexture::AddStencil ( )
void ImplOpenGLTexture::DecreaseRefCount ( int  nSlotNumber)
void ImplOpenGLTexture::IncreaseRefCount ( int  nSlotNumber)
void ImplOpenGLTexture::InitializeSlotMechanism ( int  nInitialSlotSize)
bool ImplOpenGLTexture::InsertBuffer ( int  nX,
int  nY,
int  nWidth,
int  nHeight,
int  nFormat,
int  nType,
sal_uInt8 const *  pData 
void ImplOpenGLTexture::ResetSlotDeallocateCallback ( )

Definition at line 62 of file texture.hxx.

void ImplOpenGLTexture::SetSlotDeallocateCallback ( std::function< void(int)>  aCallback)

Definition at line 57 of file texture.hxx.

Member Data Documentation

std::function<void(int)> ImplOpenGLTexture::mFunctSlotDeallocateCallback

Definition at line 43 of file texture.hxx.

GLenum ImplOpenGLTexture::mnFilter

Definition at line 39 of file texture.hxx.

int ImplOpenGLTexture::mnHeight

Definition at line 38 of file texture.hxx.

GLuint ImplOpenGLTexture::mnOptStencil

Definition at line 40 of file texture.hxx.

GLuint ImplOpenGLTexture::mnTexture

Definition at line 36 of file texture.hxx.

int ImplOpenGLTexture::mnWidth

Definition at line 37 of file texture.hxx.

std::unique_ptr<std::vector<int> > ImplOpenGLTexture::mpSlotReferences

Definition at line 42 of file texture.hxx.

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