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Hatch Member List

This is the complete list of members for Hatch, including all inherited members.

GetAngle() const Hatchinline
GetColor() const Hatchinline
GetDistance() const Hatchinline
GetStyle() const Hatchinline
Hatch(const Hatch &rHatch)Hatch
Hatch(HatchStyle eStyle, const Color &rHatchColor, tools::Long nDistance, Degree10 nAngle10)Hatch
operator!=(const Hatch &rHatch) const Hatchinline
operator=(const Hatch &rHatch)Hatch
operator==(const Hatch &rHatch) const Hatch
ReadHatch(SvStream &rIStm, Hatch &rHatch)Hatchfriend
SetAngle(Degree10 nAngle10)Hatch
SetColor(const Color &rColor)Hatch
SetDistance(tools::Long nDistance)Hatch
WriteHatch(SvStream &rOStm, const Hatch &rHatch)Hatchfriend