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BitmapTypes.hxx File Reference
#include <sal/types.h>
#include <cassert>
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namespace  vcl


enum class  vcl::PixelFormat {
  vcl::INVALID = 0 ,
  vcl::N8_BPP = 8 ,
  vcl::N24_BPP = 24 ,
  vcl::N32_BPP = 32
 Pixel format of the bitmap in bits per pixel. More...


constexpr bool vcl::isPalettePixelFormat (PixelFormat ePixelFormat)
 Is it a pixel format that forces creation of a palette. More...
constexpr sal_uInt16 vcl::pixelFormatBitCount (PixelFormat ePixelFormat)
constexpr sal_Int64 vcl::numberOfColors (PixelFormat ePixelFormat)
constexpr PixelFormat vcl::bitDepthToPixelFormat (sal_uInt16 nBitDepth)