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SerfCallbacks.cxx File Reference
#include "SerfCallbacks.hxx"
#include "SerfSession.hxx"
#include "SerfRequestProcessor.hxx"
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apr_status_t Serf_ConnectSetup (apr_socket_t *skt, serf_bucket_t **read_bkt, serf_bucket_t **write_bkt, void *setup_baton, apr_pool_t *pool)
apr_status_t Serf_Credentials (char **username, char **password, serf_request_t *request, void *baton, int code, const char *authn_type, const char *realm, apr_pool_t *pool)
apr_status_t Serf_CertificateChainValidation (void *pSerfSession, int nFailures, int, const serf_ssl_certificate_t *const *pCertificateChainBase64Encoded, apr_size_t nCertificateChainLength)
apr_status_t Serf_SetupRequest (serf_request_t *request, void *setup_baton, serf_bucket_t **req_bkt, serf_response_acceptor_t *acceptor, void **acceptor_baton, serf_response_handler_t *handler, void **handler_baton, apr_pool_t *pool)
serf_bucket_t * Serf_AcceptResponse (serf_request_t *request, serf_bucket_t *stream, void *acceptor_baton, apr_pool_t *pool)
apr_status_t Serf_HandleResponse (serf_request_t *request, serf_bucket_t *response, void *handler_baton, apr_pool_t *pool)

Function Documentation

serf_bucket_t* Serf_AcceptResponse ( serf_request_t *  request,
serf_bucket_t *  stream,
void acceptor_baton,
apr_pool_t *  pool 
apr_status_t Serf_CertificateChainValidation ( void pSerfSession,
int  nFailures,
int  ,
const serf_ssl_certificate_t *const *  pCertificateChainBase64Encoded,
apr_size_t  nCertificateChainLength 

Definition at line 59 of file SerfCallbacks.cxx.

Referenced by http_dav_ucp::SerfSession::setupSerfConnection().

apr_status_t Serf_ConnectSetup ( apr_socket_t *  skt,
serf_bucket_t **  read_bkt,
serf_bucket_t **  write_bkt,
void setup_baton,
apr_pool_t *  pool 
apr_status_t Serf_Credentials ( char **  username,
char **  password,
serf_request_t *  request,
void baton,
int  code,
const char *  authn_type,
const char *  realm,
apr_pool_t *  pool 
apr_status_t Serf_HandleResponse ( serf_request_t *  request,
serf_bucket_t *  response,
void handler_baton,
apr_pool_t *  pool 
apr_status_t Serf_SetupRequest ( serf_request_t *  request,
void setup_baton,
serf_bucket_t **  req_bkt,
serf_response_acceptor_t *  acceptor,
void **  acceptor_baton,
serf_response_handler_t *  handler,
void **  handler_baton,
apr_pool_t *  pool