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Testing Tools

How to Check Compatibility Between Compilers

Since the interfaces used in the cpp bridgetest are not changed often one can just build the and the (testtools/source/bridgetest) in an old environment and then use them in the new environment. That is the files are copied into the testtools/ folder which corresponds to the new environment.

On Windows this test will typically fail because the tests use the cppu::getCaughtException function, which only works when all libs are build using the same runtime.

This part of the test can switched off. To do this go into the testtools/source/bridgetest folder and call

dmake compcheck=1

This will add a new compiler define (-DCOMPCHECK) and will be used in the bridgetest.cxx to switch off the code which uses the getCaughtException function. However, there is still a test which causes the test component to throw and IllegalArgumentException. This still works.

Using source / bridgetest for Stress Testing

Start a modified bridgetest_server (with the final --singleaccept argument removed from the uno executable call) or a modified bridgetest_javaserver (with the final singleaccept argument replaced with multi in the java executable call), then start a modified bridgetest_client (with a final stress argument added to the uno executable call). The client will continuously establish connections to the server which are immediately destroyed again. The test will run forever, unless an error occurs.