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1 /* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- */
2 /*
3  * This file is part of the LibreOffice project.
4  *
5  * This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
6  * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
7  * file, You can obtain one at
8  *
9  * This file incorporates work covered by the following license notice:
10  *
11  * Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
12  * contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed
13  * with this work for additional information regarding copyright
14  * ownership. The ASF licenses this file to you under the Apache
15  * License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file
16  * except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of
17  * the License at .
18  */
20 #include "css1kywd.hxx"
22 const sal_Char* const sCSS_mimetype = "text/css";
24 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_import = "import";
26 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_page = "page";
27 //const sal_Char* const sCSS1_media = "media";
29 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_important = "important";
31 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_link = "link";
32 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_visited = "visited";
33 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_first_letter = "first-letter";
35 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_left = "left";
36 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_right = "right";
37 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_first = "first";
39 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_url = "url";
40 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_rgb = "rgb";
42 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_UNIT_pt = "pt";
43 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_UNIT_mm = "mm";
44 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_UNIT_cm = "cm";
45 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_UNIT_pc = "pc";
46 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_UNIT_inch = "in";
47 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_UNIT_px = "px";
48 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_UNIT_em = "em";
49 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_UNIT_ex = "ex";
51 // Strings for font properties
53 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_font_family = "font-family";
55 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_serif = "serif";
56 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_sans_serif = "sans-serif";
57 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_cursive = "cursive";
58 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_fantasy = "fantasy";
59 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_monospace = "monospace";
61 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_font_style = "font-style";
63 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_normal = "normal";
64 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_italic = "italic";
65 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_oblique = "oblique";
67 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_font_variant = "font-variant";
69 //const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_normal = "normal";
70 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_small_caps = "small-caps";
72 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_font_weight = "font-weight";
74 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_extra_light = "extra-light";
75 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_light = "light";
76 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_demi_light = "demi-light";
77 //const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_medium = "medium";
78 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_demi_bold = "demi-bold";
79 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_bold = "bold";
80 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_extra_bold = "extra-bold";
81 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_lighter = "lighter";
82 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_bolder = "bolder";
84 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_text_transform = "text-transform";
86 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_capitalize = "capitalize";
87 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_uppercase = "uppercase";
88 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_lowercase = "lowercase";
90 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_font_size = "font-size";
92 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_xx_small = "xx-small";
93 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_x_small = "x-small";
94 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_small = "small";
95 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_medium = "medium";
96 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_large = "large";
97 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_x_large = "x-large";
98 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_xx_large = "xx-large";
100 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_larger = "larger";
101 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_smaller = "smaller";
103 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_font = "font";
105 // Strings for color and background properties
107 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_color = "color";
109 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_background = "background";
110 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_background_color = "background-color";
112 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_transparent = "transparent";
114 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_repeat = "repeat";
115 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_repeat_x = "repeat-x";
116 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_repeat_y = "repeat-y";
117 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_no_repeat = "no-repeat";
119 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_top = "top";
120 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_middle = "middle";
121 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_bottom = "bottom";
123 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_scroll = "scroll";
125 // Strings for text properties
127 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_letter_spacing = "letter-spacing";
129 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_text_decoration = "text-decoration";
131 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_none = "none";
132 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_underline = "underline";
133 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_overline = "overline";
134 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_line_through = "line-through";
135 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_blink = "blink";
137 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_text_align = "text-align";
139 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_left = "left";
140 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_center = "center";
141 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_right = "right";
142 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_justify = "justify";
144 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_text_indent = "text-indent";
146 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_line_height = "line-height";
147 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_list_style_type = "list-style-type";
149 // Strings for box properties
151 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_margin_left = "margin-left";
152 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_margin_right = "margin-right";
153 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_margin_top = "margin-top";
154 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_margin_bottom = "margin-bottom";
155 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_margin = "margin";
157 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_padding_top = "padding-top";
158 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_padding_bottom = "padding-bottom";
159 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_padding_left = "padding-left";
160 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_padding_right = "padding-right";
161 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_padding = "padding";
163 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_auto = "auto";
165 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_border_left_width = "border-left-width";
166 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_border_right_width = "border-right-width";
167 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_border_top_width = "border-top-width";
168 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_border_bottom_width = "border-bottom-width";
169 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_border_width = "border-width";
170 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_border_color = "border-color";
171 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_border_style = "border-style";
172 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_border_left = "border-left";
173 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_border_right = "border-right";
174 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_border_top = "border-top";
175 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_border_bottom = "border-bottom";
176 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_border = "border";
178 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_thin = "thin";
179 //const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_medium = "medium";
180 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_thick = "thick";
182 //const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_none = "none";
183 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_dotted = "dotted";
184 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_dashed = "dashed";
185 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_solid = "solid";
186 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_double = "double";
187 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_groove = "groove";
188 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_ridge = "ridge";
189 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_inset = "inset";
190 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_outset = "outset";
192 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_width = "width";
193 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_max_width = "max-width";
195 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_height = "height";
197 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_float = "float";
199 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_column_count = "column-count";
201 // Strings for positioning
203 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_position = "position";
205 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_absolute = "absolute";
206 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_relative = "relative";
207 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_static = "static";
209 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_left = "left";
211 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_top = "top";
213 // Strings for printing extensions
215 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_page_break_before = "page-break-before";
216 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_page_break_after = "page-break-after";
217 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_page_break_inside = "page-break-inside";
218 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_size = "size";
219 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_widows = "widows";
220 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_orphans = "orphans";
221 //const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_marks = "marks";
223 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_always = "always";
224 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_avoid = "avoid";
226 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_portrait = "portrait";
227 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_landscape = "landscape";
229 //const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_crop = "crop";
230 //const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_cross = "cross";
232 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_class_abs_pos = "sd-abs-pos";
234 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_so_language = "so-language";
236 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_direction = "direction";
237 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_ltr = "ltr";
238 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_rtl = "rtl";
239 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_PV_inherit = "inherit";
241 const sal_Char* const sCSS1_P_display = "display";
243 /* vim:set shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4 expandtab: */
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_thick
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:180
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_static
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:207
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_font_variant
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:67
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_rtl
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:238
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_oblique
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:65
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_border_top_width
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:167
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_italic
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:64
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_color
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:107
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_light
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:75
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_font
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:103
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_groove
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:187
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_text_indent
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:144
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_margin_bottom
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:154
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_portrait
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:226
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_avoid
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:224
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_margin_left
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:151
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_overline
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:133
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_left
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:209
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_page_break_inside
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:217
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_UNIT_px
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:47
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_xx_small
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:92
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_no_repeat
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:117
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_UNIT_pc
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:45
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_line_through
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:134
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_inset
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:189
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_cursive
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:57
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_text_align
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:137
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_capitalize
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:86
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_center
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:140
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_max_width
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:193
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_top
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:211
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_url
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:39
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_fantasy
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:58
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_bolder
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:82
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_blink
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:135
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_margin
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:155
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_class_abs_pos
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:232
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_monospace
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:59
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_repeat
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:114
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_display
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:241
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_page_break_before
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:215
const sal_Char *const sCSS_mimetype
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:22
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_link
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:31
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_xx_large
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:98
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_font_style
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:61
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_rgb
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:40
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_background
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:109
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_justify
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:142
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_padding
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:161
char sal_Char
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_margin_top
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:153
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_left
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:139
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_thin
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:178
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_float
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:197
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_small
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:94
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_small_caps
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:70
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_orphans
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:220
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_border_bottom_width
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:168
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_text_decoration
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:129
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_first_letter
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:33
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_large
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:96
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_auto
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:163
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_padding_top
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:157
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_normal
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:63
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_UNIT_mm
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:43
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_double
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:186
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_dotted
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:183
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_column_count
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:199
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_so_language
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:234
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_none
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:131
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_scroll
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:123
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_always
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:223
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_transparent
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:112
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_border_top
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:174
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_lighter
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:81
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_UNIT_pt
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:42
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_bottom
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:121
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_ltr
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:237
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_repeat_x
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:115
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_demi_light
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:76
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_border_left
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:172
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_repeat_y
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:116
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_outset
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:190
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_font_family
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:53
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_serif
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:55
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_letter_spacing
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:127
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_page_break_after
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:216
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_top
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:119
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_visited
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:32
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_position
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:203
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_UNIT_inch
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:46
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_size
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:218
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_landscape
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:227
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_smaller
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:101
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_border_color
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:170
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_medium
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:95
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_border_left_width
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:165
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_direction
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:236
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_x_small
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:93
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_lowercase
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:88
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_widows
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:219
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_larger
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:100
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_UNIT_cm
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:44
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_border_right_width
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:166
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_underline
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:132
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_padding_bottom
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:158
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_margin_right
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:152
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_import
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:24
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_border_bottom
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:175
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_padding_right
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:160
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_font_weight
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:72
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_demi_bold
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:78
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_sans_serif
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:56
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_extra_light
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:74
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_solid
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:185
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_UNIT_ex
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:49
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_inherit
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:239
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_background_color
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:110
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_text_transform
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:84
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_important
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:29
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_bold
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:79
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_right
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:36
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_border
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:176
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_uppercase
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:87
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_extra_bold
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:80
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_UNIT_em
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:48
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_dashed
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:184
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_first
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:37
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_left
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:35
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_height
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:195
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_font_size
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:90
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_relative
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:206
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_border_style
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:171
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_right
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:141
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_line_height
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:146
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_middle
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:120
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_page
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:26
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_width
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:192
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_padding_left
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:159
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_x_large
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:97
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_border_width
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:169
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_ridge
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:188
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_border_right
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:173
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_PV_absolute
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:205
const sal_Char *const sCSS1_P_list_style_type
Definition: css1kywd.cxx:147