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SwTemplatePopup_Impl Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 SwTemplatePopup_Impl ()
sal_uInt16 GetCurId () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from PopupMenu
 PopupMenu ()
 PopupMenu (const PopupMenu &rMenu)
virtual ~PopupMenu () override
virtual bool IsMenuBar () const override
virtual void ClosePopup (Menu *pMenu) override
void SetText (const OUString &rTitle)
sal_uInt16 Execute (vcl::Window *pWindow, const Point &rPopupPos)
sal_uInt16 Execute (vcl::Window *pWindow, const tools::Rectangle &rRect, PopupMenuFlags nFlags=PopupMenuFlags::NONE)
void EndExecute ()
virtual void SelectItem (sal_uInt16 nId) override
void SetSelectedEntry (sal_uInt16 nId)
void SetLOKNotifier (const vcl::ILibreOfficeKitNotifier *pNotifier)
PopupMenuoperator= (const PopupMenu &rMenu)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Menu
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplKillLayoutData () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE vcl::WindowImplGetWindow () const
virtual ~Menu () override
virtual void dispose () override
void Activate ()
void Deactivate ()
void InsertItem (sal_uInt16 nItemId, const OUString &rStr, MenuItemBits nItemBits=MenuItemBits::NONE, const OString &rIdent=OString(), sal_uInt16 nPos=MENU_APPEND)
void InsertItem (sal_uInt16 nItemId, const Image &rImage, MenuItemBits nItemBits=MenuItemBits::NONE, const OString &rIdent=OString(), sal_uInt16 nPos=MENU_APPEND)
void InsertItem (sal_uInt16 nItemId, const OUString &rString, const Image &rImage, MenuItemBits nItemBits=MenuItemBits::NONE, const OString &rIdent=OString(), sal_uInt16 nPos=MENU_APPEND)
void InsertItem (const OUString &rCommand, const css::uno::Reference< css::frame::XFrame > &rFrame)
void InsertSeparator (const OString &rIdent=OString(), sal_uInt16 nPos=MENU_APPEND)
void RemoveItem (sal_uInt16 nPos)
void Clear ()
void CreateAutoMnemonics ()
void SetMenuFlags (MenuFlags nFlags)
MenuFlags GetMenuFlags () const
sal_uInt16 GetItemCount () const
sal_uInt16 GetItemId (sal_uInt16 nPos) const
sal_uInt16 GetItemId (const OString &rIdent) const
sal_uInt16 GetItemPos (sal_uInt16 nItemId) const
OString GetItemIdent (sal_uInt16 nItemId) const
MenuItemType GetItemType (sal_uInt16 nPos) const
sal_uInt16 GetCurItemId () const
OString const & GetCurItemIdent () const
void SetItemBits (sal_uInt16 nItemId, MenuItemBits nBits)
MenuItemBits GetItemBits (sal_uInt16 nItemId) const
void SetUserValue (sal_uInt16 nItemId, void *nUserValue, MenuUserDataReleaseFunction aFunc=nullptr)
voidGetUserValue (sal_uInt16 nItemId) const
void SetPopupMenu (sal_uInt16 nItemId, PopupMenu *pMenu)
PopupMenuGetPopupMenu (sal_uInt16 nItemId) const
void SetAccelKey (sal_uInt16 nItemId, const vcl::KeyCode &rKeyCode)
vcl::KeyCode GetAccelKey (sal_uInt16 nItemId) const
void CheckItem (sal_uInt16 nItemId, bool bCheck=true)
void CheckItem (const OString &rIdent, bool bCheck=true)
bool IsItemChecked (sal_uInt16 nItemId) const
void EnableItem (sal_uInt16 nItemId, bool bEnable=true)
void EnableItem (const OString &rIdent, bool bEnable=true)
bool IsItemEnabled (sal_uInt16 nItemId) const
void ShowItem (sal_uInt16 nItemId, bool bVisible=true)
void HideItem (sal_uInt16 nItemId)
bool IsItemPosVisible (sal_uInt16 nItemPos) const
bool IsMenuVisible () const
void RemoveDisabledEntries (bool bCheckPopups=true, bool bRemoveEmptyPopups=false)
void UpdateNativeMenu ()
void SetItemText (sal_uInt16 nItemId, const OUString &rStr)
OUString GetItemText (sal_uInt16 nItemId) const
void SetItemImage (sal_uInt16 nItemId, const Image &rImage)
Image GetItemImage (sal_uInt16 nItemId) const
void SetItemCommand (sal_uInt16 nItemId, const OUString &rCommand)
OUString GetItemCommand (sal_uInt16 nItemId) const
void SetHelpText (sal_uInt16 nItemId, const OUString &rString)
OUString GetHelpText (sal_uInt16 nItemId) const
void SetTipHelpText (sal_uInt16 nItemId, const OUString &rString)
OUString GetTipHelpText (sal_uInt16 nItemId) const
void SetHelpCommand (sal_uInt16 nItemId, const OUString &rString)
OUString GetHelpCommand (sal_uInt16 nItemId) const
void SetHelpId (sal_uInt16 nItemId, const OString &rHelpId)
OString GetHelpId (sal_uInt16 nItemId) const
void SetActivateHdl (const Link< Menu *, bool > &rLink)
void SetDeactivateHdl (const Link< Menu *, bool > &rLink)
void SetSelectHdl (const Link< Menu *, bool > &rLink)
sal_uInt16 GetTitleHeight () const
void AddEventListener (const Link< VclMenuEvent &, void > &rEventListener)
void RemoveEventListener (const Link< VclMenuEvent &, void > &rEventListener)
Menuoperator= (const Menu &rMenu)
MenuItemListGetItemList () const
void GetSystemMenuData (SystemMenuData *pData) const
tools::Rectangle GetCharacterBounds (sal_uInt16 nItemId, long nIndex) const
long GetIndexForPoint (const Point &rPoint, sal_uInt16 &rItemID) const
tools::Rectangle GetBoundingRectangle (sal_uInt16 nItemPos) const
css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > GetAccessible ()
void SetAccessible (const css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > &rxAccessible)
KeyEvent GetActivationKey (sal_uInt16 nItemId) const
vcl::WindowGetWindow () const
OUString GetAccessibleName (sal_uInt16 nItemId) const
bool IsHighlighted (sal_uInt16 nItemPos) const
void HighlightItem (sal_uInt16 nItemPos)
void DeHighlight ()
bool HandleMenuCommandEvent (Menu *pMenu, sal_uInt16 nEventId) const
bool HandleMenuActivateEvent (Menu *pMenu) const
bool HandleMenuDeActivateEvent (Menu *pMenu) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from VclReferenceBase
void acquire () const
void release () const
sal_Int32 getRefCount () const
void disposeOnce ()
bool isDisposed () const

Private Member Functions

virtual void Select () override

Private Attributes

sal_uInt16 nCurId

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from PopupMenu
static bool IsInExecute ()
static PopupMenuGetActivePopupMenu ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PopupMenu
SAL_DLLPRIVATE sal_uInt16 ImplExecute (const VclPtr< vcl::Window > &pW, const tools::Rectangle &rRect, FloatWinPopupFlags nPopupModeFlags, Menu *pSFrom, bool bPreSelectFirst)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplFlushPendingSelect ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE long ImplCalcHeight (sal_uInt16 nEntries) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE sal_uInt16 ImplCalcVisEntries (long nMaxHeight, sal_uInt16 nStartEntry, sal_uInt16 *pLastVisible=nullptr) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Menu
SAL_DLLPRIVATE MenuImplGetStartMenu ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE MenuImplFindSelectMenu ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE MenuImplFindMenu (sal_uInt16 nId)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE Size ImplCalcSize (vcl::Window *pWin)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplIsVisible (sal_uInt16 nPos) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplCurrentlyHiddenOnGUI (sal_uInt16 nPos) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplIsSelectable (sal_uInt16 nPos) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE sal_uInt16 ImplGetVisibleItemCount () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE sal_uInt16 ImplGetFirstVisible () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE sal_uInt16 ImplGetPrevVisible (sal_uInt16 nPos) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE sal_uInt16 ImplGetNextVisible (sal_uInt16 nPos) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplPaint (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, Size const &rSize, sal_uInt16 nBorder, long nOffY=0, MenuItemData const *pThisDataOnly=nullptr, bool bHighlighted=false, bool bLayout=false, bool bRollover=false) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplPaintMenuTitle (vcl::RenderContext &, const tools::Rectangle &rRect) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplSelect ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplCallHighlight (sal_uInt16 nHighlightItem)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplCallEventListeners (VclEventId nEvent, sal_uInt16 nPos)
 DECL_DLLPRIVATE_LINK (ImplCallSelect, void *, void)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplFillLayoutData () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE SalMenuImplGetSalMenu ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplClearSalMenu ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE OUString ImplGetHelpText (sal_uInt16 nItemId) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE Size ImplGetNativeCheckAndRadioSize (vcl::RenderContext const &rRenderContext, long &rCheckHeight, long &rRadioHeight) const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplAddDel (ImplMenuDelData &rDel)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplRemoveDel (ImplMenuDelData &rDel)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE MenuItemDataNbcInsertItem (sal_uInt16 nId, MenuItemBits nBits, const OUString &rStr, Menu *pMenu, size_t nPos, const OString &rIdent)
virtual void MenuBarKeyInput (const KeyEvent &rEvent)
 Menu ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from VclReferenceBase
 VclReferenceBase ()
virtual ~VclReferenceBase ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from Menu
static SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool ImplGetNativeSubmenuArrowSize (vcl::RenderContext const &rRenderContext, Size &rArrowSize, long &rArrowSpacing)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file tmplctrl.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwTemplatePopup_Impl::SwTemplatePopup_Impl ( )

Definition at line 53 of file tmplctrl.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

sal_uInt16 SwTemplatePopup_Impl::GetCurId ( ) const

Definition at line 45 of file tmplctrl.cxx.

References nCurId.

Referenced by SwTemplateControl::Command().

void SwTemplatePopup_Impl::Select ( )

Reimplemented from Menu.

Definition at line 59 of file tmplctrl.cxx.

References Menu::GetCurItemId(), and nCurId.

Member Data Documentation

sal_uInt16 SwTemplatePopup_Impl::nCurId

Definition at line 48 of file tmplctrl.cxx.

Referenced by GetCurId(), and Select().

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