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SwSpellIter Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 SwSpellIter ()
void Start (SwEditShell *pSh, SwDocPositions eStart, SwDocPositions eEnd)
uno::Any Continue (sal_uInt16 *pPageCnt, sal_uInt16 *pPageSt)
bool SpellSentence (svx::SpellPortions &rPortions, bool bIsGrammarCheck)
void ToSentenceStart ()
const svx::SpellPortionsGetLastPortions () const
const SpellContentPositionsGetLastPositions () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwLinguIter
 SwLinguIter ()
SwEditShellGetSh ()
const SwPositionGetEnd () const
void SetEnd (SwPosition *pNew)
const SwPositionGetStart () const
void SetStart (SwPosition *pNew)
const SwPositionGetCurr () const
void SetCurr (SwPosition *pNew)
const SwPositionGetCurrX () const
void SetCurrX (SwPosition *pNew)
sal_uInt16 & GetCursorCnt ()
void Start_ (SwEditShell *pSh, SwDocPositions eStart, SwDocPositions eEnd)
void End_ (bool bRestoreSelection=true)

Private Member Functions

void CreatePortion (uno::Reference< XSpellAlternatives > const &xAlt, linguistic2::ProofreadingResult *pGrammarResult, bool bIsField, bool bIsHidden)
 create a text portion at the given position More...
void AddPortion (uno::Reference< XSpellAlternatives > const &xAlt, linguistic2::ProofreadingResult *pGrammarResult, const SpellContentPositions &rDeletedRedlines)

Private Attributes

uno::Reference< XSpellChecker1 > xSpeller
svx::SpellPortions aLastPortions
SpellContentPositions aLastPositions
bool bBackToStartOfSentence

Detailed Description

Definition at line 111 of file edlingu.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwSpellIter::SwSpellIter ( )

Definition at line 127 of file edlingu.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void SwSpellIter::AddPortion ( uno::Reference< XSpellAlternatives > const &  xAlt,
linguistic2::ProofreadingResult *  pGrammarResult,
const SpellContentPositions rDeletedRedlines 
uno::Any SwSpellIter::Continue ( sal_uInt16 *  pPageCnt,
sal_uInt16 *  pPageSt 
void SwSpellIter::CreatePortion ( uno::Reference< XSpellAlternatives > const &  xAlt,
linguistic2::ProofreadingResult *  pGrammarResult,
bool  bIsField,
bool  bIsHidden 
const svx::SpellPortions& SwSpellIter::GetLastPortions ( ) const
const SpellContentPositions& SwSpellIter::GetLastPositions ( ) const

Definition at line 137 of file edlingu.cxx.

References aLastPositions.

Referenced by SwEditShell::ApplyChangedSentence().

bool SwSpellIter::SpellSentence ( svx::SpellPortions rPortions,
bool  bIsGrammarCheck 
void SwSpellIter::Start ( SwEditShell pSh,
SwDocPositions  eStart,
SwDocPositions  eEnd 
void SwSpellIter::ToSentenceStart ( )

Definition at line 1489 of file edlingu.cxx.

References bBackToStartOfSentence.

Referenced by SwEditShell::PutSpellingToSentenceStart().

Member Data Documentation

svx::SpellPortions SwSpellIter::aLastPortions

Definition at line 114 of file edlingu.cxx.

Referenced by CreatePortion(), GetLastPortions(), SpellSentence(), and Start().

SpellContentPositions SwSpellIter::aLastPositions

Definition at line 116 of file edlingu.cxx.

Referenced by CreatePortion(), GetLastPositions(), SpellSentence(), and Start().

bool SwSpellIter::bBackToStartOfSentence

Definition at line 117 of file edlingu.cxx.

Referenced by SpellSentence(), and ToSentenceStart().

uno::Reference< XSpellChecker1 > SwSpellIter::xSpeller

Definition at line 113 of file edlingu.cxx.

Referenced by Continue(), SpellSentence(), and Start().

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