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SwLineRect Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 SwLineRect (const SwRect &rRect, const Color *pCol, const SvxBorderLineStyle nStyle, const SwTabFrame *pT, const SubColFlags nSCol)
const ColorGetColor () const
SvxBorderLineStyle GetStyle () const
const SwTabFrameGetTab () const
void SetPainted ()
void Lock (bool bLock)
bool IsPainted () const
bool IsLocked () const
SubColFlags GetSubColor () const
bool MakeUnion (const SwRect &rRect, SwPaintProperties const &properties)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwRect
 SwRect ()
 SwRect (const SwRect &rRect)
 SwRect (const Point &rLT, const Size &rSize)
 SwRect (const Point &rLT, const Point &rRB)
 SwRect (long X, long Y, long Width, long Height)
 SwRect (const tools::Rectangle &rRect)
void Chg (const Point &rNP, const Size &rNS)
void Pos (const Point &rNew)
void Pos (const long nNewX, const long nNewY)
void SSize (const Size &rNew)
void SSize (const long nHeight, const long nWidth)
void Width (long nNew)
void Height (long nNew)
void Left (const long nLeft)
void Right (const long nRight)
void Top (const long nTop)
void Bottom (const long nBottom)
const PointPos () const
const SizeSSize () const
long Width () const
long Height () const
long Left () const
long Right () const
long Top () const
long Bottom () const
PointPos ()
SizeSSize ()
Point Center () const
void Justify ()
SwRectUnion (const SwRect &rRect)
SwRectIntersection (const SwRect &rRect)
SwRectIntersection_ (const SwRect &rRect)
bool IsInside (const Point &rPOINT) const
bool IsNear (const Point &rPoint, long nTolerance) const
bool IsInside (const SwRect &rRect) const
bool IsOver (const SwRect &rRect) const
bool HasArea () const
bool IsEmpty () const
void Clear ()
SwRectoperator= (const SwRect &rRect)
bool operator== (const SwRect &rRect) const
bool operator!= (const SwRect &rRect) const
SwRectoperator+= (const Point &rPt)
SwRectoperator-= (const Point &rPt)
tools::Rectangle SVRect () const
void Top_ (const long nTop)
void Bottom_ (const long nBottom)
void Left_ (const long nLeft)
void Right_ (const long nRight)
void Width_ (const long nNew)
void Height_ (const long nNew)
long Top_ () const
long Bottom_ () const
long Left_ () const
long Right_ () const
long Width_ () const
long Height_ () const
void SubTop (const long nSub)
void AddBottom (const long nAdd)
void SubLeft (const long nSub)
void AddRight (const long nAdd)
void AddWidth (const long nAdd)
void AddHeight (const long nAdd)
void SetPosX (const long nNew)
void SetPosY (const long nNew)
void SetLeftAndWidth (long nLeft, long nNew)
void SetTopAndHeight (long nTop, long nNew)
void SetRightAndWidth (long nRight, long nNew)
void SetBottomAndHeight (long nBottom, long nNew)
void SetUpperLeftCorner (const Point &rNew)
void SetUpperRightCorner (const Point &rNew)
void SetLowerLeftCorner (const Point &rNew)
Size Size_ () const
Point TopLeft () const
Point TopRight () const
Point BottomLeft () const
Point BottomRight () const
Size SwappedSize () const
long GetLeftDistance (long) const
long GetBottomDistance (long) const
long GetRightDistance (long) const
long GetTopDistance (long) const
bool OverStepLeft (long) const
bool OverStepBottom (long) const
bool OverStepTop (long) const
bool OverStepRight (long) const

Private Attributes

Color aColor
SvxBorderLineStyle nStyle
const SwTabFramepTab
SubColFlags nSubColor
bool bPainted
sal_uInt8 nLock

Detailed Description

Definition at line 149 of file paintfrm.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwLineRect::SwLineRect ( const SwRect rRect,
const Color pCol,
const SvxBorderLineStyle  nStyle,
const SwTabFrame pT,
const SubColFlags  nSCol 

Definition at line 502 of file paintfrm.cxx.

References aColor.

Member Function Documentation

const Color& SwLineRect::GetColor ( ) const

Definition at line 161 of file paintfrm.cxx.

References aColor.

Referenced by SwLineRects::AddLineRect(), SwLineRects::ConnectEdges(), and SwLineRects::PaintLines().

SvxBorderLineStyle SwLineRect::GetStyle ( ) const

Definition at line 162 of file paintfrm.cxx.

References nStyle.

Referenced by lcl_DrawDashedRect(), and SwSubsRects::RemoveSuperfluousSubsidiaryLines().

SubColFlags SwLineRect::GetSubColor ( ) const

Definition at line 172 of file paintfrm.cxx.

References nSubColor.

Referenced by SwLineRects::AddLineRect(), and SwSubsRects::RemoveSuperfluousSubsidiaryLines().

const SwTabFrame* SwLineRect::GetTab ( ) const

Definition at line 163 of file paintfrm.cxx.

References pTab.

Referenced by SwLineRects::AddLineRect(), SwLineRects::ConnectEdges(), and SwLineRects::PaintLines().

bool SwLineRect::IsLocked ( ) const
bool SwLineRect::IsPainted ( ) const
void SwLineRect::Lock ( bool  bLock)

Definition at line 165 of file paintfrm.cxx.

References nLock.

bool SwLineRect::MakeUnion ( const SwRect rRect,
SwPaintProperties const &  properties 
void SwLineRect::SetPainted ( )

Definition at line 164 of file paintfrm.cxx.

Referenced by SwLineRects::PaintLines().

Member Data Documentation

Color SwLineRect::aColor

Definition at line 151 of file paintfrm.cxx.

Referenced by GetColor(), and SwLineRect().

bool SwLineRect::bPainted

Definition at line 155 of file paintfrm.cxx.

Referenced by IsPainted().

sal_uInt8 SwLineRect::nLock

Definition at line 156 of file paintfrm.cxx.

Referenced by Lock().

SvxBorderLineStyle SwLineRect::nStyle

Definition at line 152 of file paintfrm.cxx.

Referenced by GetStyle().

SubColFlags SwLineRect::nSubColor

Definition at line 154 of file paintfrm.cxx.

Referenced by GetSubColor().

const SwTabFrame* SwLineRect::pTab

Definition at line 153 of file paintfrm.cxx.

Referenced by GetTab().

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