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SwHyphIter Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 SwHyphIter ()
void Start (SwEditShell *pSh, SwDocPositions eStart, SwDocPositions eEnd)
void End ()
void Ignore ()
 ignore hyphenation More...
uno::Any Continue (sal_uInt16 *pPageCnt, sal_uInt16 *pPageSt)
void InsertSoftHyph (const sal_Int32 nHyphPos)
void ShowSelection ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwLinguIter
 SwLinguIter ()
SwEditShellGetSh ()
const SwPositionGetEnd () const
void SetEnd (SwPosition *pNew)
const SwPositionGetStart () const
void SetStart (SwPosition *pNew)
const SwPositionGetCurr () const
void SetCurr (SwPosition *pNew)
const SwPositionGetCurrX () const
void SetCurrX (SwPosition *pNew)
sal_uInt16 & GetCursorCnt ()
void Start_ (SwEditShell *pSh, SwDocPositions eStart, SwDocPositions eEnd)
void End_ (bool bRestoreSelection=true)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool IsAuto ()

Static Private Member Functions

static void DelSoftHyph (SwPaM &rPam)

Private Attributes

const SwTextNodem_pLastNode
bool bOldIdle


SwTextFramesw::SwHyphIterCacheLastTextFrame (SwTextNode const *pNode, const sw::Creator &rCreator)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 155 of file edlingu.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwHyphIter::SwHyphIter ( )

Definition at line 166 of file edlingu.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

uno::Any SwHyphIter::Continue ( sal_uInt16 *  pPageCnt,
sal_uInt16 *  pPageSt 
void SwHyphIter::DelSoftHyph ( SwPaM rPam)
void SwHyphIter::End ( )
void SwHyphIter::Ignore ( )
void SwHyphIter::InsertSoftHyph ( const sal_Int32  nHyphPos)
bool SwHyphIter::IsAuto ( )

Definition at line 407 of file edlingu.cxx.

References GetLinguPropertySet(), and UPN_IS_HYPH_AUTO.

Referenced by Continue().

void SwHyphIter::ShowSelection ( )
void SwHyphIter::Start ( SwEditShell pSh,
SwDocPositions  eStart,
SwDocPositions  eEnd 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

SwTextFrame* sw::SwHyphIterCacheLastTextFrame ( SwTextNode const *  pNode,
const sw::Creator rCreator 

Member Data Documentation

bool SwHyphIter::bOldIdle

Definition at line 162 of file edlingu.cxx.

Referenced by End(), and Start().

SwTextFrame* SwHyphIter::m_pLastFrame

Definition at line 159 of file edlingu.cxx.

Referenced by sw::SwHyphIterCacheLastTextFrame().

const SwTextNode* SwHyphIter::m_pLastNode

Definition at line 158 of file edlingu.cxx.

Referenced by sw::SwHyphIterCacheLastTextFrame().

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