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SwFrameFormats Class Referencefinal

Specific frame formats (frames, DrawObjects). More...

#include <frameformats.hxx>

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Public Types

typedef SwFrameFormatsBase::nth_index< 0 >::type ByPos
typedef SwFrameFormatsBase::nth_index< 1 >::type ByTypeAndName
typedef ByPos::iterator iterator
typedef ByPos::const_iterator const_iterator
typedef SwFrameFormatsBase::size_type size_type
typedef SwFrameFormatsBase::value_type value_type

Public Member Functions

 SwFrameFormats ()
virtual ~SwFrameFormats () override
bool empty () const
size_t size () const
std::pair< const_iterator, bool > push_back (const value_type &x)
bool erase (const value_type &x)
void erase (size_type index)
void erase (const_iterator const &position)
const_iterator find (const value_type &x) const
ByTypeAndName::const_iterator findByTypeAndName (sal_uInt16 type, const OUString &name) const
std::pair< ByTypeAndName::const_iterator, ByTypeAndName::const_iterator > findRangeByName (const OUString &name) const
ByTypeAndName::const_iterator typeAndNameEnd () const
const value_typeoperator[] (size_t index_) const
const value_typefront () const
const value_typeback () const
const_iterator begin () const
const_iterator end () const
void dumpAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr pWriter, const char *pName) const
virtual size_t GetFormatCount () const override
virtual SwFormatGetFormat (size_t idx) const override
bool ContainsFormat (SwFrameFormat const &rFormat) const
 fast check if given format is contained here pFormat must not have been deleted More...
bool IsAlive (SwFrameFormat const *) const
 not so fast check that given format is still alive (i.e. contained here) More...
void DeleteAndDestroyAll (bool keepDefault=false)
bool newDefault (const value_type &x)
void newDefault (const_iterator const &position)
virtual SwFrameFormatFindFormatByName (const OUString &rName) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwFormatsBase
virtual ~SwFormatsBase ()
 SwFormatsBase ()=default
 SwFormatsBase (SwFormatsBase const &)=default
 SwFormatsBase (SwFormatsBase &&)=default
SwFormatsBaseoperator= (SwFormatsBase const &)=default
SwFormatsBaseoperator= (SwFormatsBase &&)=default

Private Attributes

SwFrameFormatsBase m_Array


void SwFrameFormat::SetName (const OUString &, bool)

Detailed Description

Specific frame formats (frames, DrawObjects).

Definition at line 48 of file frameformats.hxx.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef SwFrameFormatsBase::nth_index<0>::type SwFrameFormats::ByPos

Definition at line 54 of file frameformats.hxx.

typedef SwFrameFormatsBase::nth_index<1>::type SwFrameFormats::ByTypeAndName

Definition at line 55 of file frameformats.hxx.

typedef ByPos::const_iterator SwFrameFormats::const_iterator

Definition at line 64 of file frameformats.hxx.

typedef ByPos::iterator SwFrameFormats::iterator

Definition at line 56 of file frameformats.hxx.

typedef SwFrameFormatsBase::size_type SwFrameFormats::size_type

Definition at line 65 of file frameformats.hxx.

typedef SwFrameFormatsBase::value_type SwFrameFormats::value_type

Definition at line 66 of file frameformats.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwFrameFormats::SwFrameFormats ( )

Definition at line 2056 of file docfmt.cxx.

SwFrameFormats::~SwFrameFormats ( )

Definition at line 2062 of file docfmt.cxx.

References DeleteAndDestroyAll().

Member Function Documentation

const value_type& SwFrameFormats::back ( ) const

Definition at line 97 of file frameformats.hxx.

const_iterator SwFrameFormats::begin ( ) const
bool SwFrameFormats::ContainsFormat ( SwFrameFormat const &  rFormat) const

fast check if given format is contained here pFormat must not have been deleted

Definition at line 2141 of file docfmt.cxx.

References SwFrameFormat::m_ffList.

Referenced by SwDoc::DelFrameFormat(), and SwUndoFormatAttr::Init().

void SwFrameFormats::DeleteAndDestroyAll ( bool  keepDefault = false)

Definition at line 2096 of file docfmt.cxx.

References begin(), empty(), end(), m_Array, and m_PosIndex.

Referenced by ~SwFrameFormats().

void SwFrameFormats::dumpAsXml ( xmlTextWriterPtr  pWriter,
const char *  pName 
) const

Definition at line 2928 of file atrfrm.cxx.

References m_PosIndex, and void().

bool SwFrameFormats::empty ( ) const
const_iterator SwFrameFormats::end ( ) const
bool SwFrameFormats::erase ( const value_type x)
void SwFrameFormats::erase ( size_type  index)

Definition at line 2130 of file docfmt.cxx.

References begin(), and erase().

void SwFrameFormats::erase ( const_iterator const &  position)

Definition at line 2135 of file docfmt.cxx.

References begin(), and m_PosIndex.

SwFrameFormats::const_iterator SwFrameFormats::find ( const value_type x) const
SwFrameFormats::ByTypeAndName::const_iterator SwFrameFormats::findByTypeAndName ( sal_uInt16  type,
const OUString &  name 
) const

Definition at line 2075 of file docfmt.cxx.

References m_TypeAndNameIndex.

Referenced by SwDoc::FindFlyByName().

SwFrameFormat * SwFrameFormats::FindFormatByName ( const OUString &  rName) const

Reimplemented from SwFormatsBase.

Definition at line 2088 of file docfmt.cxx.

References m_TypeAndNameIndex.

Referenced by SwUndoFormatAttr::GetFormat().

std::pair< SwFrameFormats::ByTypeAndName::const_iterator, SwFrameFormats::ByTypeAndName::const_iterator > SwFrameFormats::findRangeByName ( const OUString &  name) const

Definition at line 2081 of file docfmt.cxx.

References m_TypeAndNameIndex, and SAL_MAX_UINT16.

const value_type& SwFrameFormats::front ( ) const

Definition at line 96 of file frameformats.hxx.

virtual SwFormat* SwFrameFormats::GetFormat ( size_t  idx) const

Implements SwFormatsBase.

Definition at line 104 of file frameformats.hxx.

virtual size_t SwFrameFormats::GetFormatCount ( ) const

Implements SwFormatsBase.

Definition at line 103 of file frameformats.hxx.

bool SwFrameFormats::IsAlive ( SwFrameFormat const *  p) const

not so fast check that given format is still alive (i.e. contained here)

Definition at line 2146 of file docfmt.cxx.

References end(), and find().

Referenced by SwHistoryChangeFlyAnchor::SetInDoc(), and SwHistoryChangeFlyChain::SetInDoc().

bool SwFrameFormats::newDefault ( const value_type x)

Definition at line 2151 of file docfmt.cxx.

References m_PosIndex.

Referenced by SwFEShell::Copy().

void SwFrameFormats::newDefault ( const_iterator const &  position)

Definition at line 2159 of file docfmt.cxx.

References begin(), and m_PosIndex.

const value_type& SwFrameFormats::operator[] ( size_t  index_) const

Definition at line 95 of file frameformats.hxx.

std::pair< SwFrameFormats::const_iterator, bool > SwFrameFormats::push_back ( const value_type x)
size_t SwFrameFormats::size ( ) const
ByTypeAndName::const_iterator SwFrameFormats::typeAndNameEnd ( ) const

Definition at line 93 of file frameformats.hxx.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

void SwFrameFormat::SetName ( const OUString &  ,

Member Data Documentation

SwFrameFormatsBase SwFrameFormats::m_Array

Definition at line 59 of file frameformats.hxx.

Referenced by DeleteAndDestroyAll(), and find().

ByPos& SwFrameFormats::m_PosIndex
ByTypeAndName& SwFrameFormats::m_TypeAndNameIndex

Definition at line 61 of file frameformats.hxx.

Referenced by find(), findByTypeAndName(), FindFormatByName(), and findRangeByName().

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