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SaveLine Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 SaveLine (SaveLine *pPrev, const SwTableLine &rLine, SaveTable &rSTable)
 ~SaveLine ()
void RestoreAttr (SwTableLine &rLine, SaveTable &rSTable)
void SaveContentAttrs (SwDoc *pDoc)
void CreateNew (SwTable &rTable, SwTableBox &rParent, SaveTable &rSTable)

Private Member Functions

 SaveLine (const SaveLine &)=delete
SaveLineoperator= (const SaveLine &)=delete

Private Attributes

sal_uInt16 nItemSet


class SaveTable
class SaveBox

Detailed Description

Definition at line 132 of file untbl.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SaveLine::SaveLine ( const SaveLine )
SaveLine::SaveLine ( SaveLine pPrev,
const SwTableLine rLine,
SaveTable rSTable 
SaveLine::~SaveLine ( )

Definition at line 1137 of file untbl.cxx.

References pBox, and pNext.

Member Function Documentation

void SaveLine::CreateNew ( SwTable rTable,
SwTableBox rParent,
SaveTable rSTable 
SaveLine& SaveLine::operator= ( const SaveLine )
void SaveLine::RestoreAttr ( SwTableLine rLine,
SaveTable rSTable 
void SaveLine::SaveContentAttrs ( SwDoc pDoc)

Definition at line 1159 of file untbl.cxx.

References pBox, pNext, SaveContentAttrs(), and SaveBox::SaveContentAttrs().

Referenced by SaveContentAttrs().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class SaveBox

Definition at line 135 of file untbl.cxx.

Referenced by SaveLine().

friend class SaveTable

Definition at line 134 of file untbl.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

sal_uInt16 SaveLine::nItemSet

Definition at line 139 of file untbl.cxx.

Referenced by CreateNew(), RestoreAttr(), and SaveLine().

SaveBox* SaveLine::pBox

Definition at line 138 of file untbl.cxx.

Referenced by CreateNew(), RestoreAttr(), SaveContentAttrs(), SaveLine(), and ~SaveLine().

SaveLine* SaveLine::pNext

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