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svxform::FmXAutoControl Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 FmXAutoControl ()
virtual OUString GetComponentServiceName () override
virtual void SAL_CALL createPeer (const Reference< XToolkit > &rxToolkit, const Reference< XWindowPeer > &rParentPeer) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from UnoControl
 UnoControl ()
virtual ~UnoControl () override
UnoControlComponentInfosGetComponentInfos ()
css::uno::Sequence< sal_Int8 > SAL_CALL getImplementationId () override
void SAL_CALL dispose () override
void SAL_CALL addEventListener (const css::uno::Reference< css::lang::XEventListener > &xListener) override
void SAL_CALL removeEventListener (const css::uno::Reference< css::lang::XEventListener > &aListener) override
void SAL_CALL disposing (const css::lang::EventObject &Source) override
virtual void SAL_CALL setOutputSize (const css::awt::Size &aSize) override
virtual css::awt::Size SAL_CALL getOutputSize () override
virtual sal_Bool SAL_CALL isVisible () override
virtual sal_Bool SAL_CALL isActive () override
virtual sal_Bool SAL_CALL isEnabled () override
virtual sal_Bool SAL_CALL hasFocus () override
void SAL_CALL setPosSize (sal_Int32 X, sal_Int32 Y, sal_Int32 Width, sal_Int32 Height, sal_Int16 Flags) override
css::awt::Rectangle SAL_CALL getPosSize () override
void SAL_CALL setVisible (sal_Bool Visible) override
void SAL_CALL setEnable (sal_Bool Enable) override
void SAL_CALL setFocus () override
void SAL_CALL addWindowListener (const css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XWindowListener > &xListener) override
void SAL_CALL removeWindowListener (const css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XWindowListener > &xListener) override
void SAL_CALL addFocusListener (const css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XFocusListener > &xListener) override
void SAL_CALL removeFocusListener (const css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XFocusListener > &xListener) override
void SAL_CALL addKeyListener (const css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XKeyListener > &xListener) override
void SAL_CALL removeKeyListener (const css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XKeyListener > &xListener) override
void SAL_CALL addMouseListener (const css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XMouseListener > &xListener) override
void SAL_CALL removeMouseListener (const css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XMouseListener > &xListener) override
void SAL_CALL addMouseMotionListener (const css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XMouseMotionListener > &xListener) override
void SAL_CALL removeMouseMotionListener (const css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XMouseMotionListener > &xListener) override
void SAL_CALL addPaintListener (const css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XPaintListener > &xListener) override
void SAL_CALL removePaintListener (const css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XPaintListener > &xListener) override
sal_Bool SAL_CALL setGraphics (const css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XGraphics > &aDevice) override
css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XGraphics > SAL_CALL getGraphics () override
css::awt::Size SAL_CALL getSize () override
void SAL_CALL draw (sal_Int32 nX, sal_Int32 nY) override
void SAL_CALL setZoom (float fZoomX, float fZoomY) override
void SAL_CALL setContext (const css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > &Context) override
css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > SAL_CALL getContext () override
void SAL_CALL createPeer (const css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XToolkit > &Toolkit, const css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XWindowPeer > &Parent) override
css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XWindowPeer > SAL_CALL getPeer () override
sal_Bool SAL_CALL setModel (const css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XControlModel > &Model) override
css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XControlModel > SAL_CALL getModel () override
css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XView > SAL_CALL getView () override
void SAL_CALL setDesignMode (sal_Bool bOn) override
sal_Bool SAL_CALL isDesignMode () override
sal_Bool SAL_CALL isTransparent () override
OUString SAL_CALL getImplementationName () override
sal_Bool SAL_CALL supportsService (const OUString &ServiceName) override
css::uno::Sequence< OUString > SAL_CALL getSupportedServiceNames () override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessibleContext > SAL_CALL getAccessibleContext () override
virtual void SAL_CALL addModeChangeListener (const css::uno::Reference< css::util::XModeChangeListener > &_rxListener) override
virtual void SAL_CALL removeModeChangeListener (const css::uno::Reference< css::util::XModeChangeListener > &_rxListener) override
virtual void SAL_CALL addModeChangeApproveListener (const css::uno::Reference< css::util::XModeChangeApproveListener > &_rxListener) override
virtual void SAL_CALL removeModeChangeApproveListener (const css::uno::Reference< css::util::XModeChangeApproveListener > &_rxListener) override
virtual css::awt::Point SAL_CALL convertPointToLogic (const css::awt::Point &Point,::sal_Int16 TargetUnit) override
virtual css::awt::Point SAL_CALL convertPointToPixel (const css::awt::Point &aPoint,::sal_Int16 SourceUnit) override
virtual css::awt::Size SAL_CALL convertSizeToLogic (const css::awt::Size &aSize,::sal_Int16 TargetUnit) override
virtual css::awt::Size SAL_CALL convertSizeToPixel (const css::awt::Size &aSize,::sal_Int16 SourceUnit) override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XStyleSettings > SAL_CALL getStyleSettings () override

Protected Member Functions

virtual void ImplSetPeerProperty (const OUString &rPropName, const Any &rVal) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UnoControl
::osl::Mutex & GetMutex ()
css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XWindow > getParentPeer () const
virtual void updateFromModel ()
void peerCreated ()
bool ImplCheckLocalize (OUString &_rPossiblyLocalizable)
css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XWindowPeer > ImplGetCompatiblePeer ()
virtual void ImplSetPeerProperty (const OUString &rPropName, const css::uno::Any &rVal)
virtual void PrepareWindowDescriptor (css::awt::WindowDescriptor &rDesc)
virtual void ImplModelPropertiesChanged (const css::uno::Sequence< css::beans::PropertyChangeEvent > &rEvents)
void ImplLockPropertyChangeNotification (const OUString &rPropertyName, bool bLock)
void ImplLockPropertyChangeNotifications (const css::uno::Sequence< OUString > &rPropertyNames, bool bLock)
void DisposeAccessibleContext (css::uno::Reference< css::lang::XComponent > const &xContext)
void setPeer (const css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XWindowPeer > &_xPeer)
virtual bool requiresNewPeer (const OUString &_rPropertyName) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from UnoControl
EventListenerMultiplexer maDisposeListeners
WindowListenerMultiplexer maWindowListeners
FocusListenerMultiplexer maFocusListeners
KeyListenerMultiplexer maKeyListeners
MouseListenerMultiplexer maMouseListeners
MouseMotionListenerMultiplexer maMouseMotionListeners
PaintListenerMultiplexer maPaintListeners
::comphelper::OInterfaceContainerHelper2 maModeChangeListeners
css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > mxContext
css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XControlModel > mxModel
css::uno::Reference< css::awt::XGraphics > mxGraphics
css::uno::WeakReferenceHelper maAccessibleContext
bool mbDisposePeer
bool mbRefreshingPeer
bool mbCreatingPeer
bool mbCreatingCompatiblePeer
bool mbDesignMode
UnoControlComponentInfos maComponentInfos
std::unique_ptr< UnoControl_DatampData

Detailed Description

Definition at line 452 of file formcontroller.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

svxform::FmXAutoControl::FmXAutoControl ( )

Definition at line 456 of file formcontroller.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void svxform::FmXAutoControl::createPeer ( const Reference< XToolkit > &  rxToolkit,
const Reference< XWindowPeer > &  rParentPeer 

Definition at line 468 of file formcontroller.cxx.

References UnoControl::createPeer(), UnoControl::getPeer(), and SvxResId().

virtual OUString svxform::FmXAutoControl::GetComponentServiceName ( )

Reimplemented from UnoControl.

Definition at line 460 of file formcontroller.cxx.

void svxform::FmXAutoControl::ImplSetPeerProperty ( const OUString &  rPropName,
const Any &  rVal 

Definition at line 481 of file formcontroller.cxx.

References FM_PROP_TEXT, and UnoControl::ImplSetPeerProperty().

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