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GalleryBinaryEngine Class Reference

#include <gallerybinaryengine.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 GalleryBinaryEngine (const GalleryBinaryStorageLocations &rGalleryStorageLocations, GalleryObjectCollection &rGalleryObjectCollection, bool bReadOnly)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE ~GalleryBinaryEngine ()
void clearSotStorage ()
void setDestDir (const OUString &rDestDir, bool bRelative)
SAL_DLLPRIVATE void ImplCreateSvDrawStorage ()
SAL_DLLPRIVATE const tools::SvRef< SotStorage > & GetSvDrawStorage () const
const INetURLObjectgetThemeURL () const
SAL_DLLPRIVATE bool implWrite (const GalleryTheme &rTheme, const GalleryThemeEntry *pThm)
void insertObject (const SgaObject &rObj, GalleryObject *pFoundEntry, sal_uInt32 nInsertPos)
void removeObject (const std::unique_ptr< GalleryObject > &pEntry)
std::unique_ptr< SgaObject > implReadSgaObject (GalleryObject const *pEntry)
bool implWriteSgaObject (const SgaObject &rObj, sal_uInt32 nPos, GalleryObject *pExistentEntry)
bool readModel (const GalleryObject *pObject, SdrModel &rModel)
SgaObjectSvDraw insertModel (const FmFormModel &rModel, const INetURLObject &rUserURL)
bool readModelStream (const GalleryObject *pObject, tools::SvRef< SotTempStream > const &rxModelStream)
SgaObjectSvDraw insertModelStream (const tools::SvRef< SotTempStream > &rxModelStream, const INetURLObject &rUserURL)
INetURLObject implCreateUniqueURL (SgaObjKind eObjKind, const INetURLObject &rUserURL, ConvertDataFormat nFormat=ConvertDataFormat::Unknown)
SgaObjectBmp insertGraphic (const Graphic &rGraphic, const GfxLink &aGfxLink, const ConvertDataFormat &nExportFormat, const INetURLObject &rUserURL)
SgaObjectSvDraw updateSvDrawObject (const GalleryObject *pEntry)
void updateTheme ()
SvStreamwriteGalleryTheme (SvStream &rOStm, const GalleryTheme &rTheme, const GalleryThemeEntry *pThm)
DateTime getModificationDate () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from GalleryFileStorage
virtual ~GalleryFileStorage ()=0

Static Public Member Functions

static void insertFileOrDirURL (const INetURLObject &rFileOrDirURL, std::vector< INetURLObject > &rURLVector)

Private Member Functions

const INetURLObjectGetSdgURL () const
const INetURLObjectGetSdvURL () const
const INetURLObjectGetStrURL () const
const INetURLObjectGetThmURL () const

Private Attributes

tools::SvRef< SotStoragem_aSvDrawStorageRef
const GalleryBinaryStorageLocationsmaGalleryStorageLocations
bool mbReadOnly
OUString m_aDestDir
bool m_bDestDirRelative

Detailed Description

Definition at line 48 of file gallerybinaryengine.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GalleryBinaryEngine::GalleryBinaryEngine ( const GalleryBinaryStorageLocations rGalleryStorageLocations,
GalleryObjectCollection rGalleryObjectCollection,
bool  bReadOnly 

Definition at line 52 of file gallerybinaryengine.cxx.

References ImplCreateSvDrawStorage().

GalleryBinaryEngine::~GalleryBinaryEngine ( )

Definition at line 63 of file gallerybinaryengine.cxx.

References clearSotStorage().

Member Function Documentation

void GalleryBinaryEngine::clearSotStorage ( )

Definition at line 71 of file gallerybinaryengine.cxx.

References tools::SvRef< T >::clear(), and m_aSvDrawStorageRef.

Referenced by updateTheme(), and ~GalleryBinaryEngine().

DateTime GalleryBinaryEngine::getModificationDate ( ) const
const INetURLObject& GalleryBinaryEngine::GetSdgURL ( ) const
const INetURLObject& GalleryBinaryEngine::GetSdvURL ( ) const
const INetURLObject& GalleryBinaryEngine::GetStrURL ( ) const
const tools::SvRef< SotStorage > & GalleryBinaryEngine::GetSvDrawStorage ( ) const
const INetURLObject& GalleryBinaryEngine::getThemeURL ( ) const
const INetURLObject& GalleryBinaryEngine::GetThmURL ( ) const

Definition at line 61 of file gallerybinaryengine.hxx.

References GalleryBinaryStorageLocations::GetThmURL().

Referenced by getModificationDate(), and implWrite().

void GalleryBinaryEngine::ImplCreateSvDrawStorage ( )
INetURLObject GalleryBinaryEngine::implCreateUniqueURL ( SgaObjKind  eObjKind,
const INetURLObject rUserURL,
ConvertDataFormat  nFormat = ConvertDataFormat::Unknown 
std::unique_ptr< SgaObject > GalleryBinaryEngine::implReadSgaObject ( GalleryObject const *  pEntry)
bool GalleryBinaryEngine::implWrite ( const GalleryTheme rTheme,
const GalleryThemeEntry pThm 
bool GalleryBinaryEngine::implWriteSgaObject ( const SgaObject &  rObj,
sal_uInt32  nPos,
GalleryObject pExistentEntry 
void GalleryBinaryEngine::insertFileOrDirURL ( const INetURLObject rFileOrDirURL,
std::vector< INetURLObject > &  rURLVector 
SgaObjectBmp GalleryBinaryEngine::insertGraphic ( const Graphic rGraphic,
const GfxLink aGfxLink,
const ConvertDataFormat nExportFormat,
const INetURLObject rUserURL 
SgaObjectSvDraw GalleryBinaryEngine::insertModel ( const FmFormModel rModel,
const INetURLObject rUserURL 
SgaObjectSvDraw GalleryBinaryEngine::insertModelStream ( const tools::SvRef< SotTempStream > &  rxModelStream,
const INetURLObject rUserURL 
void GalleryBinaryEngine::insertObject ( const SgaObject &  rObj,
GalleryObject pFoundEntry,
sal_uInt32  nInsertPos 
bool GalleryBinaryEngine::readModel ( const GalleryObject pObject,
SdrModel rModel 
bool GalleryBinaryEngine::readModelStream ( const GalleryObject pObject,
tools::SvRef< SotTempStream > const &  rxModelStream 
void GalleryBinaryEngine::removeObject ( const std::unique_ptr< GalleryObject > &  pEntry)
void GalleryBinaryEngine::setDestDir ( const OUString &  rDestDir,
bool  bRelative 

Definition at line 65 of file gallerybinaryengine.cxx.

References m_aDestDir, and m_bDestDirRelative.

SgaObjectSvDraw GalleryBinaryEngine::updateSvDrawObject ( const GalleryObject pEntry)
void GalleryBinaryEngine::updateTheme ( )
SvStream & GalleryBinaryEngine::writeGalleryTheme ( SvStream rOStm,
const GalleryTheme rTheme,
const GalleryThemeEntry pThm 

Member Data Documentation

OUString GalleryBinaryEngine::m_aDestDir

Definition at line 55 of file gallerybinaryengine.hxx.

Referenced by implWriteSgaObject(), setDestDir(), and writeGalleryTheme().

tools::SvRef<SotStorage> GalleryBinaryEngine::m_aSvDrawStorageRef
bool GalleryBinaryEngine::m_bDestDirRelative

Definition at line 56 of file gallerybinaryengine.hxx.

Referenced by setDestDir(), and writeGalleryTheme().

const GalleryBinaryStorageLocations& GalleryBinaryEngine::maGalleryStorageLocations

Definition at line 52 of file gallerybinaryengine.hxx.

bool GalleryBinaryEngine::mbReadOnly

Definition at line 54 of file gallerybinaryengine.hxx.

Referenced by ImplCreateSvDrawStorage().

GalleryObjectCollection& GalleryBinaryEngine::mrGalleryObjectCollection

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