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Tools and makefile fragments necessary for compilation

This module contains many tools and makefile configuration pieces, critical for building LibreOffice:

bin/ contains lots of tools used during the build:

concat-deps* these aggregate, and remove duplicates from module dependencies, to accelerate build times. this script executes the compiled instructions from the scp2/ module to create an installer, and/or to do a local install for the smoketest.

gbuild/ implementation of the LibreOffice build system See gbuild/README for more info.

gdb/ lots of nice python helpers to make debugging -much- easier that (eg.) print UCS2 strings as UTF-8 on the console to help with debugging.

inc/ old / increasingly obsolete dmake setup and includes, we are trying to entirely rid ourselves of this

src/ useful standard / re-usable component map files for components which shouldn't export anything more than a few registration symbols.