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Metadatable.hxx File Reference
#include <sal/config.h>
#include <sfx2/dllapi.h>
#include <cppuhelper/implbase.hxx>
#include <com/sun/star/rdf/XMetadatable.hpp>
#include <memory>
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class  sfx2::MetadatableMixin
 base class for UNO objects that implement XMetadatable. More...


namespace  com
namespace  com::sun
namespace  com::sun::star
namespace  com::sun::star::frame
namespace  sfx2


::sfx2::IXmlIdRegistrysfx2::createXmlIdRegistry (const bool i_DocIsClipboard)
 create a sfx2::XmlIdRegistryDocument or a sfx2::XmlIdRegistryClipboard More...
class SAL_NO_VTABLE SAL_DLLPUBLIC_RTTI sfx2::SAL_LOPLUGIN_ANNOTATE ("crosscast") DigitalSignatures
 Extension of css::security::XDocumentDigitalSignatures for internal purposes. More...