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The core directory for the impress/draw applications.

Think of impress as a hack on top of draw.

sd module contains impress/draw specific code, non-shared UI and part of ppt and pptx filter, few other filters too.

the slideshow UI lives here as well, the slideshow engine is in slideshow module though (including the 3D transitions engine slideshow/source/engine/opengl).

the most used filters are ODF's odp, binary ppt and OOXML's pptx. their locations are listed below:

* odp import and export filters are in xmloff module (mostly xmloff/source/draw)

* ppt import is in sd/source/filter/ppt (big shared chunks are also in svx) * ppt export is in sd/source/filter/eppt (big shared chunks are also in svx)

* pptx import is in oox/source/ppt (and uses a lot of oox/source/drawingml and oox/source/*) * pptx export is in sd/source/filter/eppt (mostly in pptx-* source files) and shared part is in oox/source/export

PPTX export/import filters

PPTX export filter is split into 2 parts. Impress related part is in sd/source/filter/eppt/pptx-* and the other part is in oox/source/export/ because it contains mostly code related to DrawingML, which is shared with writer and calc ooxml export.

The export filter was written in 2009 IIRC and was not much extended feature-wise lately.

FUTURE work: add custom shapes export (see below). enhance text output, we don't write text style for indentation levels now, need to export a:lvl1pPr, a:lvl2pPr, ... elements.

PPTX import was written by Sun/Oracle and then extended in LibreOffice a lot during bug fixing. It is located in oox/source/ppt and oox/source/drawingml. The areas with most bugs (at least until today) were shape placeholders and text style inheritance.