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Scripting Framework

This module provides the source code for the Scripting Framework.

For more information on the Scripting Framework, see the project web page:

This module uses astyle to keep consistent java coding style. Please run


before committing.

Source Code Structure

The following directories contain the source code currently used by the Scripting Framework:

C++ source for the implementations of the* and* UNO types. These types are used for browsing and executing scripts.

C++ for a ProtocolHandler implementation that handles URIs and dispatches them for execution to the Scripting Framework.

C++ implementation of the LanguageScriptProvider UNO service for Basic

C++ implementation of the DialogProvider UNO service used for loading UNO dialogs from various languages

LanguageScriptProvider for Python

Implementation of an abstract base class ScriptProvider which provides core methods for implementing Java based LanguageScriptProvider implementations

BeanShell, JavaScript and Java LanguageScriptProvider implementations

BrowseNode implementations for the Java based LanguageScriptProviders

Classes for performing script IO

Example scripts in BeanShell, JavaScript, Java and Python

Deprecated Code

Support for developing scripts in IDEs such as NetBeans.