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Spreadsheet application code.

You can dump some information in a dbgutil build:


Dumps the column width of the first 20 columns.


Dumps the graphic objects and their position and size in pixel.


Dumps the SfxItemSet representing the cell properties' of the current selection as a xml file. The file will be named dump.xml

The Cache Format

ScDocument::StoreTabToCache allows storing the content (not the formatting) of a table to a binary cache format.

The format is column orientated which allows quick serialization of the table.

Header: * Number of Columns: 64 bit unsigned integer

Column: * Column Index: 64 bit unsigned integer * Column Size: 64 bit unsigned integer * For each cell type block a new ColumnBlock

ColumnBlock: * Start Row: 64 bit unsigned integer * Block Size: 64 bit unsigned integer * Type: 8 bit unsigned integer - 0 : empty - 1 : numeric * for each cell: 64 bit IEEE 754 double precision value - 2 : string * for each cell: 32 bit signed string length followed by string length bytes of the string (UTF-8) - 3 : formula * for each cell: 32 bit signed string length followed by the formula in R1C1 notation as a string

Functions supporting Wildcards or Regular Expressions

As this comes up every now and then, and rather should be documented in an extra list of the Help system, functions that support Wildcards or Regular Expressions *and* depend on the setting under Tools -> Options -> Calc -> Calculate are those that in ODF OpenFormula (ODFF) are defined to depend on the HOST-USE-REGULAR-EXPRESSIONS or HOST-USE-WILDCARDS properties, see

* Database Functions * DAVERAGE * DCOUNT * DCOUNTA * DGET * DMAX * DMIN * DPRODUCT * DSTDEV * DSTDEVP * DSUM * DVAR * DVARP * Information Functions * COUNTIF * COUNTIFS * Lookup Functions * HLOOKUP * LOOKUP * MATCH * VLOOKUP * Mathematical Functions * SUMIF * SUMIFS * Statistical Functions * AVERAGEIF * AVERAGEIFS * Text Functions * SEARCH