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Resource Compiler.

This compiler converts .src files and .hrc equivalents into binary .res files. The basic idea is that this provides a map between integer identifiers and the resources: string, pixmap (only the file-name), and VCL control properties.

In more detail:

Typically we would have a .hrc file with entries like this:

#define SID_STR_FOO 1234

And then a .src file with some entries like this:

String SID_STR_FOO { Text en-US = "Foo !" ; };

This is compiled into a binary resource file, we have many of these which live in program/resource/ and then tends to get used in the code thus:

String aStr( ResId( SID_STR_FOO ) );

It is important to note that any appearance of hierarchical structure in the .src files is in fact a mirage. The file is compiled at root into a plain map.

There is some German documentation about it in a subdirectory called rsc/doku. Seems to be very old (January 1992).