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1/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- */
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15 * License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file
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17 * the License at .
18 */
20#pragma once
22#include <sal/config.h>
23#include <registry/regtype.h>
24#include <rtl/ustring.h>
25#include <sal/types.h>
27extern "C" {
36 RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString*, RegKeyHandle**, sal_uInt32*);
41 RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString*, RegValueType, RegValue, sal_uInt32);
43 RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString*, sal_Int32 const *, sal_uInt32);
45 RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString*, char**, sal_uInt32);
47 RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString*, sal_Unicode**, sal_uInt32);
49 RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString*, RegValueType*, sal_uInt32*);
52 RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString*, sal_Int32**, sal_uInt32*);
54 RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString*, char***, sal_uInt32*);
56 RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString*, sal_Unicode***, sal_uInt32*);
59 RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString*, sal_Bool, rtl_uString**);
61 RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString*, rtl_uString***, sal_uInt32*);
62RegError REGISTRY_CALLTYPE freeKeyNames(rtl_uString**, sal_uInt32);
66/* vim:set shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4 expandtab: */
void REGISTRY_CALLTYPE acquireKey(RegKeyHandle)
Definition: regkey.cxx:27
sal_Bool REGISTRY_CALLTYPE isKeyReadOnly(RegKeyHandle)
Definition: regkey.cxx:47
RegError REGISTRY_CALLTYPE getLongListValue(RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString *, sal_Int32 **, sal_uInt32 *)
Definition: regkey.cxx:400
RegError REGISTRY_CALLTYPE freeValueList(RegValueType, RegValue, sal_uInt32)
Definition: regkey.cxx:511
RegError REGISTRY_CALLTYPE openKey(RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString *, RegKeyHandle *)
Definition: regkey.cxx:86
RegError REGISTRY_CALLTYPE getStringListValue(RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString *, char ***, sal_uInt32 *)
Definition: regkey.cxx:437
RegError REGISTRY_CALLTYPE openSubKeys(RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString *, RegKeyHandle **, sal_uInt32 *)
Definition: regkey.cxx:102
RegError REGISTRY_CALLTYPE getValueInfo(RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString *, RegValueType *, sal_uInt32 *)
Definition: regkey.cxx:318
RegError REGISTRY_CALLTYPE closeKey(RegKeyHandle)
Definition: regkey.cxx:152
RegError REGISTRY_CALLTYPE getUnicodeListValue(RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString *, sal_Unicode ***, sal_uInt32 *)
Definition: regkey.cxx:474
RegError REGISTRY_CALLTYPE freeKeyNames(rtl_uString **, sal_uInt32)
Definition: regkey.cxx:586
RegError REGISTRY_CALLTYPE setValue(RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString *, RegValueType, RegValue, sal_uInt32)
Definition: regkey.cxx:161
RegError REGISTRY_CALLTYPE getKeyNames(RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString *, rtl_uString ***, sal_uInt32 *)
Definition: regkey.cxx:571
RegError REGISTRY_CALLTYPE getKeyName(RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString **)
Definition: regkey.cxx:53
RegError REGISTRY_CALLTYPE getValue(RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString *, RegValue)
Definition: regkey.cxx:368
RegError REGISTRY_CALLTYPE closeSubKeys(RegKeyHandle *, sal_uInt32)
Definition: regkey.cxx:120
RegError REGISTRY_CALLTYPE setLongListValue(RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString *, sal_Int32 const *, sal_uInt32)
Definition: regkey.cxx:201
RegError REGISTRY_CALLTYPE getResolvedKeyName(RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString *, sal_Bool, rtl_uString **)
RegError REGISTRY_CALLTYPE createKey(RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString *, RegKeyHandle *)
Definition: regkey.cxx:67
RegError REGISTRY_CALLTYPE setUnicodeListValue(RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString *, sal_Unicode **, sal_uInt32)
Definition: regkey.cxx:279
RegError REGISTRY_CALLTYPE setStringListValue(RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString *, char **, sal_uInt32)
Definition: regkey.cxx:240
void REGISTRY_CALLTYPE releaseKey(RegKeyHandle)
Definition: regkey.cxx:37
RegError REGISTRY_CALLTYPE deleteKey(RegKeyHandle, rtl_uString *)
Definition: regkey.cxx:136
void * RegKeyHandle
defines the type of a registry key handle used in the C API.
Definition: regtype.h:29
defines the type of a key value.
Definition: regtype.h:61
void * RegValue
defines the type of a registry key value handle used in the C API.
Definition: regtype.h:32
specify the calling convention for the registry API
Definition: regtype.h:129
specifies the possible error codes which can occur using the registry API.
Definition: regtype.h:82
unsigned char sal_Bool
sal_uInt16 sal_Unicode