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Contains the stock libreoffice licensing blurb, as distributed in the install directory, and also potentially at run-time.

Generating licence files ------------------------

License files are generated from a single source file (license/license.xml). Output file formats are plain text and html.

- The plain text and the html format is generated with xslt. There are two separate xsl files for plain text and html.

Conditional text ----------------

The contents of the license file depends on the build configuration. Several externals may or may not be shipped with LibreOffice. Therefore, we need to pass information about build configuration to the xslt processor.

Variables used for conditional text:

- BUILD_TYPE: A space separated list of libraries/externals. If an external is present in that list, then the related license text should be included.

- MPL_SUBSET: If the variable is defined, then GPL and LGPL license text will not be included, because none of the built-in code need it.

- OS: The target platform. E.g. MSVC Runtime is packaged and used only on Windows.

- WITH_THEMES: A space separated list of icon sets that are used in the build.

Conditional text are surrounded by and extra

tag. The class attribute of that
tag decides which parameter values are taken into consideration.