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vbahelper.hxx File Reference
#include <oox/helper/binarystreambase.hxx>
#include <rtl/ustring.hxx>
#include <sal/types.h>
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namespace  oox
namespace  oox::ole
namespace  oox::ole::VbaHelper
 Static helper functions for the VBA filters.


bool oox::ole::VbaHelper::readDirRecord (sal_uInt16 &rnRecId, StreamDataSequence &rRecData, BinaryInputStream &rInStrm)
 Reads the next record from the VBA directory stream 'dir'. More...
bool oox::ole::VbaHelper::extractKeyValue (OUString &rKey, OUString &rValue, std::u16string_view rKeyValue)
 Extracts a key/value pair from a string separated by an equality sign. More...


const sal_uInt16 oox::ole::VBA_ID_MODULECOOKIE = 0x002C
const sal_uInt16 oox::ole::VBA_ID_MODULEDOCSTRING = 0x001C
const sal_uInt16 oox::ole::VBA_ID_MODULEDOCSTRINGUNICODE = 0x0048
const sal_uInt16 oox::ole::VBA_ID_MODULEEND = 0x002B
const sal_uInt16 oox::ole::VBA_ID_MODULEHELPCONTEXT = 0x001E
const sal_uInt16 oox::ole::VBA_ID_MODULENAME = 0x0019
const sal_uInt16 oox::ole::VBA_ID_MODULENAMEUNICODE = 0x0047
const sal_uInt16 oox::ole::VBA_ID_MODULEOFFSET = 0x0031
const sal_uInt16 oox::ole::VBA_ID_MODULEPRIVATE = 0x0028
const sal_uInt16 oox::ole::VBA_ID_MODULEREADONLY = 0x0025
const sal_uInt16 oox::ole::VBA_ID_MODULESTREAMNAME = 0x001A
const sal_uInt16 oox::ole::VBA_ID_MODULESTREAMNAMEUNICODE = 0x0032
const sal_uInt16 oox::ole::VBA_ID_MODULETYPEDOCUMENT = 0x0022
const sal_uInt16 oox::ole::VBA_ID_MODULETYPEPROCEDURAL = 0x0021
const sal_uInt16 oox::ole::VBA_ID_PROJECTCODEPAGE = 0x0003
const sal_uInt16 oox::ole::VBA_ID_PROJECTEND = 0x0010
const sal_uInt16 oox::ole::VBA_ID_PROJECTMODULES = 0x000F
const sal_uInt16 oox::ole::VBA_ID_PROJECTNAME = 0x0004
const sal_uInt16 oox::ole::VBA_ID_PROJECTVERSION = 0x0009