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converterbase.hxx File Reference
#include <drawingml/chart/objectformatter.hxx>
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class  oox::drawingml::chart::ConverterRoot
class  oox::drawingml::chart::ConverterBase< ModelType >
 Base class of all converter classes. More...
class  oox::drawingml::chart::LayoutConverter
 A layout converter calculates positions and sizes for various chart objects. More...




const sal_Int32 oox::drawingml::chart::API_PRIM_AXESSET = 0
const sal_Int32 oox::drawingml::chart::API_SECN_AXESSET = 1
const sal_Int32 oox::drawingml::chart::API_X_AXIS = 0
const sal_Int32 oox::drawingml::chart::API_Y_AXIS = 1
const sal_Int32 oox::drawingml::chart::API_Z_AXIS = 2