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axbinarywriter.hxx File Reference
#include <cstddef>
#include <utility>
#include <oox/helper/binaryoutputstream.hxx>
#include <oox/helper/binarystreambase.hxx>
#include <oox/helper/refvector.hxx>
#include <rtl/ustring.hxx>
#include <sal/types.h>
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class  oox::ole::AxAlignedOutputStream
 A wrapper for a binary output stream that supports aligned write operations. More...
class  oox::ole::AxBinaryPropertyWriter
 Export helper to write simple and complex ActiveX form control properties to a binary input stream. More...
struct  oox::ole::AxBinaryPropertyWriter::ComplexProperty
 Base class for complex properties such as string, point, size, GUID, picture. More...
struct  oox::ole::AxBinaryPropertyWriter::PairProperty
 Complex property for a 32-bit value pair, e.g. More...
struct  oox::ole::AxBinaryPropertyWriter::StringProperty
 Complex property for a string value. More...
struct  oox::ole::AxBinaryPropertyWriter::PictureProperty
 Stream property for a picture or mouse icon. More...


namespace  oox
namespace  oox::ole