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Online Update

Online update implementation based on Mozilla’s MAR format + update mechanism

Parts of this code are copied from the mozilla repository, and adapted to LibreOffice needs:

firefox/modules/libmar -> onlineupdate/source/libmar firefox/toolkit/mozapps/update -> onlineupdate/source/update

The source/service directory contains the code for the silent windows updater that avoids the repeated administrator check for an update.


The updater executable should not depend on any other dynamic library in the LibreOffice installation as we would need to copy that one also to a temporary directory during update. We can’t update any library or executable that is currently in use. For the updater executable we solve this problem by copying the updater before using it to a temporary directory.

On Windows we use the system to provide us with a crypto library whereas on Linux we use NSS.

Update Procedure

The updater executable is run two times. In a first run, the current installation is copied to an update directory and the update is applied in this update directory. During the next run, a replacement request is executed. The replacement request removes the old installation directory and replaces it with the content of the update directory.

User Profile in the Installation Directory

The archive based installations have the user profile by default inside of the installation directory. During the update process this causes some problems that need special handling in the updater.