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Office development kit - implements the first step on the way to the LibreOffice SDK tarball.

Part of the SDK; to build you need to add --enable-odk.

Testing the examples: =====================

* Go to instdir/sdk (Don't try directly in odk/)

* See how to set up the SDK.

** When asked about it during configuration, tell the SDK to do automatic deployment of the example extensions that get built.

* In a shell set up for SDK development, build (calling "make") and test (following the instructions given at the end of each "make" invocation) each of the SDK's examples/ sub-directories.

** An example script to build (though not test) the various examples in batch mode is

find examples \( -type d -name nativelib -prune \) -o \ \( -name Makefile -a -print -a \( -execdir make \; -o -quit \) \)

(Note that one of the example extensions asks you to accept an example license on stdin during deployment.)