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Very basic template functionality, a bit like boost or stl, but specific to LibO

o3tl stands for "OOo o3, get it? template library"

From The scope for o3tl is admittedly kind of ambitious, as it should contain "...very basic (template) functionality, comparable to what's provided by boost or stl, but specific to OOo (what comes to mind are e.g. stl adapters for our own data types and UNO, and stuff that could in principle be upstreamed to boost, but isn't as of now)."

Class overview

o3tl/inc/o3tl/cow_wrapper.hxx A copy-on-write wrapper.

o3tl/inc/o3tl/lazy_update.hxx This template collects data in input type, and updates the output type with the given update functor, but only if the output is requested. Useful if updating is expensive, or input changes frequently, but output is only comparatively seldom used.

o3tl/inc/o3tl/range.hxx Represents a range of integer or iterator values.

o3tl/inc/o3tl/vector_pool.hxx Simple vector-based memory pool allocator.

o3tl/inc/o3tl/functional.hxx Some more templates, leftovers in spirit of STLport's old functional header that are not part of the C++ standard (STLport has been replaced by direct use of the C++ STL in LibreOffice).