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Import Filter for File Format of Lotus Word Pro (lwp)


The import is not direct, but via an intermediate format: StarOffice XML, the predecessor of ODF (yes, the code is old). The entry point to the filter is class LotusWordProImportFilter (refer to Source code section), but that just hooks up the necessary machinery for processing StarOffice XML produced by the filter. The real fun starts in function ReadWordproFile() (source/filter/lwpfilter.cxx); this function initializes the parser (class Lwp9Reader) and the SAX XML handler that produces the output (class XFSaxStream). The Lwp9Reader class then does the actual parsing.

If the module is built with debug level greater than 0, it is possible to examine the intermediate XML: set environment variable DBG_LWPIMPORT_DIR= to an existing directory and, on opening an lwp document, a file named lwpimport.xml will be created in that directory.

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