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JVM Framework Wrappers

Wrappers so you can use all the Java Runtime Environments with their slightly incompatible APIs with more ease.

Used to use an over-engineered “plugin” mechanism although there was only one “plugin”, called “sunmajor”, that handles all possible JREs.

IMPORTANT: The <updated> element in vmfwk/distributions/OpenOfficeorg/javavendors_*.xml files should only be updated for incompatible changes, not for compatible ones. As stated in the commit message of in LibreOffice gerrit:

javavendors_*.xml <updated> should not have been updated…

Changing <updated> causes jfw_startVM and jfw_getSelectedJRE (both jvmfwk/source/framework.cxx) to fail with JFW_E_INVALID_SETTINGS, which in turn causes functionality that requires a JVM to issue a GUI error dialog stating that the user must select a new JRE in the Options dialog. While that behavior makes sense if a JRE was selected that would no longer be supported by the modified javavendors_*.xml, it is just annoying if an already selected JRE is still supported. And a compatible change to javavendors_*.xml implies that an already selected JRE will still be supported."