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Somewhat obsolete README for the LibreOfficeLight iOS app and LibreOfficeKit.

-- LibreOfficeLight a swift based UI, very much work in progress

-- support the arm64 and simulator are the only supported processors, old 32 bit iPhones are not supported.

The swift app are done for 3 structures simulator + full debug libraries arm64 + full debug libraries arm64 + optimized libraries

-- SETUP Due to the 3 modes, at least 3 workdirs are needed together with a separated UI workdir.

Because the main work is done on the UI, where it is convenient to switch fast between arm64 and simulator, it is advantageous to compile the 3 configurations of LO first, and then link against those.

Due to the multiple workdirs a separate work directories are needed as follows: (names/locations can be changes, they are "linked" together by running ./core - libreoffice git clone (name can be changed) ./ios-arm64 - workdir for production ./ios-arm64-debug - workdir for debug on device ./ios-simulator - workdir for simulator-debug

-- Steps to generate 1) copy ./core/distro-configs/LibreOfficeiOS.conf to autogen.input in ./ios-arm64, ./ios-arm64-debug, ./ios-simulator Correct as defined in the conf file, add your local setup (e.g. location of tarballs) 2) run ../core/ in ios-arm64, ios-arm64-debug and ios-simulator 3) run make in ios-arm64, ios-arm64-debug and ios-simulator this will generate core/loApp.xcconfig which prepares LO to be compiled and build LOkit is 3 configurations and store the preparedLibreOfficeKit in ./core/ios/generated as: release/libKit.a release/libKit.dylib debug/libKit.a debug/libKit.dylib simulator/libKit.a simulator/libKit.dylib 5) open xcode with LibreOfficeLight select scheme and build/test/run. 6) enjoy