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Icon repository for the applications

All of the icons, separated by themes are included in this directory. These icons are built into .zip files, and re-ordered / packed for efficiency reasons based on our UI configuration by the postprocess/

An icon theme does not need to contain all images, since these can be layered one on top of another.

In general the layering is done like this:

breeze colibre

How to add a new image set: ---------------------------

- Create a directory for it here (let's call it e.g. new_set)

FIXME: It is important to use an underscore '_' to delimit more words. scp2 compilation crashes when using a dash '-'. It evidently splits the name into two strings. ^ It's probably not true anymore with filelists. ^ if this gets changed, IconThemeSelector::SetPreferredIconTheme needs to change too

- Add its name (new_set) to WITH_THEMES variable in

- The fallback for particular icons is defined be packimages_CUSTOM_FALLBACK_1 in packimages/

How to add a new icon for a new command: ----------------------------------------

- Assume you defined a dispatch command in officecfg like the following:

in officecfg/registry/data/org/openoffice/Office/UI/CalcCommands.xcu

~Open... 1

Here, you need to define a property named "Properties", with its value set to 1 so that the icons show up.

- Now, you need to add 2 new icon images under icon-themes/colibre/cmd/, one for the large size and one for the smaller size. The name of each image must be lc_.png and sc_.png. Here, the command name is the name given in the above .xcu file without the ".uno:" prefix and all its letters lower-cased. In this example, the file names will be lc_openfromcalc.png and sc_openfromcalc.png. Note that you need to add new images to the colibre theme for them to show up in any themes at all.

How to call optipng to optimize size: ---------------------------

8 bit palettes are on the slow path for quartz/svp/gtk3 so avoid using palettes with...

$ optipng -nc