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Icon Repository for the Applications

All of the icons, separated by themes are included in this directory. These icons are built into .zip files, and re-ordered / packed for efficiency reasons based on our UI configuration by the postprocess/

An icon theme does not need to contain all images, since these can be layered one on top of another.

In general the layering is done like this:

<leaf theme>

Icon naming convention

sc* icons are 16x16 px (small) lc* icons are 24x24 px (large) There is also an 32px folder at cmd/ with 32 px icons

16x16 px icons are used in the menus 24x24 px icons are used in toolbars and sidebar Notebook bar use 24x24 px icons when there is only one icon, and 16x16 px everywhere else

sc and lc icon are followed by the .uno:CommandName (see below)

How to Add a New Image Set

How to Add a New Icon for a New Command

in officecfg/registry/data/org/openoffice/Office/UI/CalcCommands.xcu

<node oor:name=".uno:OpenFromCalc" oor:op="replace">
    <prop oor:name="Label" oor:type="xs:string">
        <value xml:lang="en-US">~Open...</value>
    <prop oor:name="Properties" oor:type="xs:int">

Here, you need to define a property named “Properties”, with its value set to 1 so that the icons show up.

How to Call optipng to Optimize Size

8 bit palettes are on the slow path for quartz/svp/gtk3 so avoid using palettes with…

$ optipng -nc <file>