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i18nutil::SearchOptions Struct Reference

This is a wrapper around com::sun::star::util::SearchOptions but using the more type-safe TransliterationFlags enum. More...

#include <searchopt.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

SearchOptionsoperator= (css::util::SearchOptions const &other)
 SearchOptions ()
 SearchOptions (const css::util::SearchAlgorithms &algorithmType_, const sal_Int32 searchFlag_, OUString searchString_, OUString replaceString_, css::lang::Locale Locale_, const sal_Int32 changedChars_, const sal_Int32 deletedChars_, const sal_Int32 insertedChars_, const TransliterationFlags &transliterateFlags_)

Public Attributes

css::util::SearchAlgorithms algorithmType
sal_Int32 searchFlag
OUString searchString
OUString replaceString
css::lang::Locale Locale
sal_Int32 changedChars
sal_Int32 deletedChars
sal_Int32 insertedChars
TransliterationFlags transliterateFlags

Detailed Description

This is a wrapper around com::sun::star::util::SearchOptions but using the more type-safe TransliterationFlags enum.

Definition at line 36 of file searchopt.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SearchOptions() [1/2]

i18nutil::SearchOptions::SearchOptions ( )

Definition at line 61 of file searchopt.hxx.

References NONE.

◆ SearchOptions() [2/2]

i18nutil::SearchOptions::SearchOptions ( const css::util::SearchAlgorithms &  algorithmType_,
const sal_Int32  searchFlag_,
OUString  searchString_,
OUString  replaceString_,
css::lang::Locale  Locale_,
const sal_Int32  changedChars_,
const sal_Int32  deletedChars_,
const sal_Int32  insertedChars_,
const TransliterationFlags transliterateFlags_ 

Definition at line 71 of file searchopt.hxx.

References Locale.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

SearchOptions & i18nutil::SearchOptions::operator= ( css::util::SearchOptions const &  other)

Definition at line 47 of file searchopt.hxx.

References algorithmType, and Locale.

Referenced by i18nutil::SearchOptions2::operator=().

Member Data Documentation

◆ algorithmType

css::util::SearchAlgorithms i18nutil::SearchOptions::algorithmType

Definition at line 37 of file searchopt.hxx.

Referenced by operator=().

◆ changedChars

sal_Int32 i18nutil::SearchOptions::changedChars

Definition at line 42 of file searchopt.hxx.

◆ deletedChars

sal_Int32 i18nutil::SearchOptions::deletedChars

Definition at line 43 of file searchopt.hxx.

◆ insertedChars

sal_Int32 i18nutil::SearchOptions::insertedChars

Definition at line 44 of file searchopt.hxx.

◆ Locale

css::lang::Locale i18nutil::SearchOptions::Locale

Definition at line 41 of file searchopt.hxx.

◆ replaceString

OUString i18nutil::SearchOptions::replaceString

Definition at line 40 of file searchopt.hxx.

◆ searchFlag

sal_Int32 i18nutil::SearchOptions::searchFlag

Definition at line 38 of file searchopt.hxx.

◆ searchString

OUString i18nutil::SearchOptions::searchString

Definition at line 39 of file searchopt.hxx.

◆ transliterateFlags

TransliterationFlags i18nutil::SearchOptions::transliterateFlags

Definition at line 45 of file searchopt.hxx.

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