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Language Tags

Code for language tags, LanguageTag wrapper for liblangtag and converter between BCP47 language tags, Locale(Language,Country,Variant) and MS-LangIDs.

Basic functionality used by almost every other module including comphelper, so even don’t use that string helpers in this code to not create circular dependencies. Stick with sal and rtl!

If Microsoft introduced a new LCID for a locale that we previously defined as LANGUAGE_USER_..., for example LANGUAGE_CATALAN_VALENCIAN that we had as LANGUAGE_USER_CATALAN_VALENCIAN:

When changing a (translation’s) language tag (for example, ca-XV to ca-valencia or sh to sr-Latn):

If locale data exists:

If dictionary exists:

If dictionary is to be renamed, for example ku-TR to kmr-Latn:

If extras exist, for example extras/source/autotext/*:

If helpcontent exists:

For language packs: