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Code for language tags, LanguageTag wrapper for liblangtag and converter between BCP47 language tags, Locale(Language,Country,Variant) and MS-LangIDs.

Basic functionality used by almost every other module including comphelper, so even don't use that string helpers in this code to not create circular dependencies. Stick with sal and rtl!

If Microsoft introduced a new LCID for a locale that we previously defined as LANGUAGE_USER_..., for example LANGUAGE_CATALAN_VALENCIAN that we had as LANGUAGE_USER_CATALAN_VALENCIAN:

* include/i18nlangtag/lang.h ** add the new LANGUAGE_... value as defined by MS, here LANGUAGE_CATALAN_VALENCIAN ** rename the LANGUAGE_USER_... definition to LANGUAGE_OBSOLETE_USER_..., here LANGUAGE_USER_CATALAN_VALENCIAN to LANGUAGE_OBSOLETE_USER_CATALAN_VALENCIAN ** add a #define LANGUAGE_USER_CATALAN_VALENCIAN LANGUAGE_CATALAN_VALENCIAN *** so svtools/source/misc/langtab.src (where the defined name is an identifier) and other places using LANGUAGE_USER_CATALAN_VALENCIAN do not need to be changed

* i18nlangtag/source/isolang/isolang.cxx ** insert a mapping with LANGUAGE_CATALAN_VALENCIAN before (!) the existing LANGUAGE_USER_CATALAN_VALENCIAN ** rename the LANGUAGE_USER_CATALAN_VALENCIAN to LANGUAGE_OBSOLETE_USER_CATALAN_VALENCIAN *** so converting the tag maps to the new LANGUAGE_CATALAN_VALENCIAN and converting the old LANGUAGE_OBSOLETE_USER_CATALAN_VALENCIAN still maps to the tag.

* i18nlangtag/source/isolang/mslangid.cxx ** add an entry to MsLangId::getReplacementForObsoleteLanguage() to convert LANGUAGE_OBSOLETE_USER_CATALAN_VALENCIAN to LANGUAGE_CATALAN_VALENCIAN

When changing a (translation's) language tag (for example, 'ca-XV' to 'ca-valencia' or 'sh' to 'sr-Latn'):

* solenv/inc/ ** replace the tag and sort alphabetically

* in translations/source do git mv old-tag new-tag ** note that translations is a git submodule so applies

* i18nlangtag/source/isolang/isolang.cxx ** maintain the old tag's mapping entry in aImplIsoLangEntries to be able to read existing documents using that code ** add the new tag's mapping to aImplBcp47CountryEntries or aImplIsoLangScriptEntries ** change mnOverride from 0 to kSAME in aImplIsoLangScriptEntries or aImplIsoLangEntries

* i18nlangtag/source/languagetag/languagetag.cxx ** add the new tag's fallback strings to the fallback of the old tag in LanguageTag::getFallbackStrings()

* i18nlangtag/qa/cppunit/test_languagetag.cxx ** add a unit test for the new tag and old tag

* l10ntools/source/ulfconv/msi-encodinglist.txt ** replace the tag and sort alphabetically

* setup_native/source/packinfo/spellchecker_selection.txt ** replace the tag and sort alphabetically

If locale data exists:

* i18npool/source/localedata/data/*.xml for example i18npool/source/localedata/data/sh_RS.xml ** in the element *** change to 'qlt' *** after the element add a element with the new full BCP 47 tag, for example 'sr-Latn-RS' **** note that has no or child elements ** if any of the other *.xml files reference the locale in a ref="..." attribute, change those too; note that these references use '_' underscore instead of '-' hyphen just like the file names do ** rename sh_RS.xml to sr_Latn_RS.xml, git mv sh_RS.xml sr_Latn_RS.xml

* i18npool/source/localedata/localedata.cxx ** in aLibTable change the entry from old "sh_RS" to new "sr_Latn_RS", do not sort the table

* i18npool/Library_localedata_*.mk for example i18npool/ ** change the entry for the changed .xml file, for example CustomTarget/i18npool/localedata/localedata_sh_RS to CustomTarget/i18npool/localedata/localedata_sr_Latn_RS, sort the list alphabetically

If dictionary exists:

* dictionaries/*/dictionaries.xcu for example dictionaries/sr/dictionaries.xcu ** change the affected elements to something corresponding, for example to ** in the "Locales" properties change the element, for example sh-RS to sr-Latn-RS

If dictionary is to be renamed, for example ku-TR to kmr-Latn:

* dictionaries/*/* for example dictionaries/ku_TR/* ** if appropriate rename *.dic and *.aff files, for example ku_TR.dic to kmr_Latn.dic and ku_TR.aff to kmr_Latn.aff * dictionaries/Dictionary_*.mk for example dictionaries/ ** rename file, for example to ** change all locale dependent file names and target, for example *ku_TR* to *kmr_Latn* AND ku-TR to kmr-Latn; note '-' and '_' separators, both are used! * dictionaries/ ** change Dictionary_* (Dictionary_ku-TR to Dictionary_kmr-Latn) and sort alphabetically * scp2/source/ooo/common_brand.scp ** DosName = "dict-ku-TR"; *** change to "dict-kmr-Latn" * scp2/source/ooo/file_ooo.scp ** File gid_File_Extension_Dictionary_Ku_Tr *** change to gid_File_Extension_Dictionary_Kmr_Latn ** Name = "Dictionary/dict-ku-TR.filelist"; *** change to "Dictionary/dict-kmr-Latn.filelist" * scp2/source/ooo/module_ooo.scp ** Module gid_Module_Root_Extension_Dictionary_Ku_Tr *** change to gid_Module_Root_Extension_Dictionary_Kmr_Latn ** MOD_NAME_DESC ( MODULE_EXTENSION_DICTIONARY_KU_TR ); *** change to MODULE_EXTENSION_DICTIONARY_KMR_LATN ** Files = (gid_File_Extension_Dictionary_Ku_Tr); *** change to gid_File_Extension_Dictionary_Kmr_Latn ** Spellcheckerlanguage = "ku-TR"; *** change to "kmr-Latn" * scp2/source/ooo/module_ooo.ulf ** STR_NAME_MODULE_EXTENSION_DICTIONARY_KU_TR *** change to STR_NAME_MODULE_EXTENSION_DICTIONARY_KMR_LATN ** en-US = "Kurdish (Turkey)" *** change to "Kurdish, Northern, Latin script" ** STR_DESC_MODULE_EXTENSION_DICTIONARY_KU_TR *** change to STR_DESC_MODULE_EXTENSION_DICTIONARY_KMR_LATN ** en-US = "Kurdish (Turkey) spelling dictionary" *** change to "Kurdish, Northern, Latin script spelling dictionary" * setup_native/source/packinfo/packinfo_office.txt ** module = "gid_Module_Root_Extension_Dictionary_Ku_Tr" *** change to "gid_Module_Root_Extension_Dictionary_Kmr_Latn" ** solarispackagename = "%PACKAGEPREFIX%WITHOUTDOTUNIXPRODUCTNAME%BRANDPACKAGEVERSION-dict-ku-TR" *** change to "...-dict-kmr-Latn" ** packagename = "%UNIXPRODUCTNAME%BRANDPACKAGEVERSION-dict-ku-TR" *** change to "...-dict-kmr-Latn" ** description = "Ku-TR dictionary for %PRODUCTNAME %PRODUCTVERSION" *** change to "Kmr-Latn dictionary ..."

If extras exist, for example extras/source/autotext/*:

* extras/ ** replace acor_* entry, for example acor_sh-RS.dat to acor_sr-Latn-RS.dat, sort alphabetically

* extras/ ** in extras_AUTOCORR_LANGS change map entry, for example sh-RS:sh-RS to sr-Latn-RS:sr-Latn-Rs ** in extras_AUTOCORR_XMLFILES change directory entries, for example sh-RS/acor/DocumentList.xml to sr-Latn-RS/acor/DocumentList.xml

* rename files accordingly, for example in extras/source/autotext/lang/ git mv sh-RS sr-Latn-RS

If helpcontent exists:

* helpcontent2/source/auxiliary/*/* for example helpcontent2/source/auxiliary/sh/* ** change Language=..., for example Language=sh to Language=sr-Latn in helpcontent2/source/auxiliary/sh/*.cfg ** rename helpcontent2/source/auxiliary/sh/ git mv sh sr-Latn

For language packs:

* scp2/source/ooo/module_langpack.ulf * scp2/source/accessories/module_templates_accessories.ulf * scp2/source/accessories/module_samples_accessories.ulf * scp2/source/extensions/module_extensions_sun_templates.ulf

** If the upper-cased tag appears in any of these, replace it, for example STR_NAME_MODULE_LANGPACK_SH to STR_NAME_MODULE_LANGPACK_SR_LATN