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fpicker::win32::vista::AsyncRequests Class Referencefinal

#include <asyncrequests.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 AsyncRequests (const RequestHandlerRef &rHandler)
 creates the new asynchronous request executor. More...
void setHandler (const RequestHandlerRef &rHandler)
void triggerJobExecution ()
 ensure the execution thread gets going. More...
virtual ~AsyncRequests () override
 does nothing special / excepting to make sure our class won't be inline . More...
void triggerRequestProcessMessages (const RequestRef &rRequest)
void triggerRequestBlocked (const RequestRef &rRequest)
void triggerRequestNonBlocked (const RequestRef &rRequest)
void triggerRequestDirectly (const RequestRef &rRequest)
void triggerRequestThreadAware (const RequestRef &rRequest,::sal_Int16 nWait)

Static Public Attributes

static const ::sal_Int16 PROCESS_MESSAGES = 2
static const ::sal_Int16 BLOCKED = 1
static const ::sal_Int16 NON_BLOCKED = 0

Private Member Functions

virtual void SAL_CALL run () override
 our STA . More...

Private Attributes

bool m_bFinish
RequestHandlerRef m_rHandler
RequestQueue m_lRequests
osl::Condition maWait
- Private Attributes inherited from cppu::BaseMutex
mutable::osl::Mutex m_aMutex

Detailed Description

Definition at line 138 of file asyncrequests.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

fpicker::win32::vista::AsyncRequests::AsyncRequests ( const RequestHandlerRef rHandler)

creates the new asynchronous request executor.

Definition at line 66 of file asyncrequests.cxx.

fpicker::win32::vista::AsyncRequests::~AsyncRequests ( )

does nothing special / excepting to make sure our class won't be inline .


Definition at line 75 of file asyncrequests.cxx.

References aLock, join(), cppu::BaseMutex::m_aMutex, and m_bFinish.

Member Function Documentation

void SAL_CALL fpicker::win32::vista::AsyncRequests::run ( )

our STA .

-) Will run between start() & finish(). Internally it runs a loop ... waiting for requests. Every request will be executed synchronously in blocked mode.

Definition at line 173 of file asyncrequests.cxx.

References aLock, fpicker::win32::vista::lcl_sleep(), cppu::BaseMutex::m_aMutex, m_bFinish, m_lRequests, m_rHandler, and maWait.

void fpicker::win32::vista::AsyncRequests::setHandler ( const RequestHandlerRef rHandler)

Definition at line 151 of file asyncrequests.hxx.

References m_rHandler.

void fpicker::win32::vista::AsyncRequests::triggerJobExecution ( )

ensure the execution thread gets going.

Definition at line 99 of file asyncrequests.cxx.

References create(), and maWait.

Referenced by triggerRequestBlocked(), and triggerRequestNonBlocked().

void fpicker::win32::vista::AsyncRequests::triggerRequestBlocked ( const RequestRef rRequest)
void fpicker::win32::vista::AsyncRequests::triggerRequestDirectly ( const RequestRef rRequest)
void fpicker::win32::vista::AsyncRequests::triggerRequestNonBlocked ( const RequestRef rRequest)
void fpicker::win32::vista::AsyncRequests::triggerRequestProcessMessages ( const RequestRef rRequest)

Definition at line 107 of file asyncrequests.cxx.

References aLock, cppu::BaseMutex::m_aMutex, and m_lRequests.

Referenced by triggerRequestThreadAware().

void fpicker::win32::vista::AsyncRequests::triggerRequestThreadAware ( const RequestRef rRequest,
::sal_Int16  nWait 

Member Data Documentation

const ::sal_Int16 fpicker::win32::vista::AsyncRequests::BLOCKED = 1
bool fpicker::win32::vista::AsyncRequests::m_bFinish

Definition at line 202 of file asyncrequests.hxx.

Referenced by run(), and ~AsyncRequests().

RequestQueue fpicker::win32::vista::AsyncRequests::m_lRequests
RequestHandlerRef fpicker::win32::vista::AsyncRequests::m_rHandler

Definition at line 203 of file asyncrequests.hxx.

Referenced by run(), setHandler(), and triggerRequestDirectly().

osl::Condition fpicker::win32::vista::AsyncRequests::maWait

Definition at line 205 of file asyncrequests.hxx.

Referenced by run(), and triggerJobExecution().

const ::sal_Int16 fpicker::win32::vista::AsyncRequests::NON_BLOCKED = 0
const ::sal_Int16 fpicker::win32::vista::AsyncRequests::PROCESS_MESSAGES = 2

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