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LibreOffice Filters

Filter registration and some simple filters (also descriptions).

Desperate splitting of code into small shared libraries for historical reasons presumably (OS/2 and Windows 3.x). The libraries produced from the code in each subdirectory of filter/source/graphicfilter are graphic format import or export filters. But they don’t have uniform API. Some have either a GraphicImport or GraphicExport entry point, and are loaded and used in a uniform fashion from code in svtools/source/filter/filter.cxx. Others have different API and are loaded from other places. For instance icgm has ImportCGM, and is loaded and used by sd/source/filter/cgm/sdcgmfilter.cxx (!). Svgreader is used for “File -> Open” and then to choose the svg file. For “Insert -> Picture -> From File”, see svgio/source/svgreader directory.

Filter Configuration

The filter configuration consists of two parts, the type definition in filter/source/config/fragments/types/ and the actual filter definition in filter/source/config/fragments/filters/.

Each file type e.g. text file should be represented by exactly one type definition. This type can then be referenced by several different filters, e.g. calc text, writer text.