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Contains templates, clipart galleries, palettes, symbol font, autocorrections, autotexts etc.

How-to add a new gallery: + create a directory extras/source/gallery/foo/ + create a .str file extras/source/gallery/foo/foo.str + add a foo section to extras/source/gallery/share/gallery_names.ulf + add a at the top-level (and mention in + add a new GALLERY_FILELIST statement in scp2/

How-to add a new autotext category + create a directory extras/source/autotext/lang/xx/foo/ where xx is your lang code + unzip your foo.bau autotext file in this directory (including an empty mimetype file) + add xx/foo.bau in extras/ + in extras/ + add xx/foo in extras_AUTOTEXTSHARE_AUTOTEXTS + add all files contained in foo.bau (except mimetype) in extras_AUTOTEXTSHARE_XMLFILES + if foo.bau contains files with other extension than .xml, .rdf, .svm and .png + add a CPY call at the end of the file

How-to add a new autotext to an existing category + create a directory extras/source/autotext/lang/xx/standard/FOO/ to add it in category standard of lang xx + add files of the autotext (at least FOO.xml for an unformatted autotext) + add autotext name in extras/source/autotext/lang/xx/standard/BlockList.xml + add all files of autotext in extras/source/autotext/lang/xx/standard/META-INF/manifest.xml + in extras/ + add all files of autotext in extras_AUTOTEXTSHARE_XMLFILES + if some files have different extension from .xml, .rdf, .svm and .png + add a CPY call at the end of the file