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MimeAttrib.hxx File Reference
#include <rtl/ustring.hxx>
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const OUString TEXTPLAIN_PARAM_CHARSET ("charset")
const OUString PRE_WINDOWS_CODEPAGE ("windows")
const OUString PRE_OEM_CODEPAGE ("cp")
const OUString CHARSET_UTF16 ("utf-16")
const OUString CHARSET_UNICODE ("unicode")

Function Documentation

const OUString CHARSET_UNICODE ( "unicode"  )
const OUString CHARSET_UTF16 ( "utf-16"  )
const OUString PRE_OEM_CODEPAGE ( "cp"  )
const OUString PRE_WINDOWS_CODEPAGE ( "windows"  )
const OUString TEXTPLAIN_PARAM_CHARSET ( "charset"  )