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Pre-canned Distribution Configurations

These files are supposed to correspond to the options used when creating the Document Foundation (or other “canonical”) builds of LibreOffice for various platforms. They are not supposed to represent the “most useful” options for developers in general. On the contrary, the intent is that just running ./ without any options at all should produce a buildable configuration for developers with interest in working on the most commonly used parts of the code.

See for how TDF builds make use of these switches. (Especially, since --with-package-format now triggers whether or not installation sets are built, all the relevant *.conf files specify it, except for LibreOfficeLinux.conf, where the TDF build instructions pass an explicit --with-package-format="rpm deb" in addition to --with-distro=LibreOfficeLinux.)

(Possibly the above is a misunderstanding, or maybe there never even has been any clear consensus what situations these files actually are intended for.)

The files contain sets of configuration parameters, and can be passed on the command line thus:

./ --with-distro=LibreOfficeFoo

Contrary to the above, in the Android case the amount of parameters you just must use is so large, that for convenience it is always easiest to use the corresponding distro-configs file. This is a bug and needs to be fixed; also configuring for Android should ideally use sane (or the only possible) defaults and work fine without any parameters at all.