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cexportsoo3.cxx File Reference
#include <cppuhelper/implementationentry.hxx>
#include "oo3extensionmigration.hxx"
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SAL_DLLPUBLIC_EXPORT voidmigrationoo3_component_getFactory (const char *pImplName, void *pServiceManager, void *pRegistryKey)


::cppu::ImplementationEntry const oo3_entries []

Function Documentation

SAL_DLLPUBLIC_EXPORT void* migrationoo3_component_getFactory ( const char *  pImplName,
void pServiceManager,
void pRegistryKey 

Definition at line 38 of file cexportsoo3.cxx.

Variable Documentation

::cppu::ImplementationEntry const oo3_entries[]
Initial value:
migration::OO3ExtensionMigration_getSupportedServiceNames, ::cppu::createSingleComponentFactory,
nullptr, 0
{ nullptr, nullptr, nullptr, nullptr, nullptr, 0 }
Reference< XInterface > OO3ExtensionMigration_create(Reference< XComponentContext > const &ctx)
OUString OO3ExtensionMigration_getImplementationName()
Sequence< OUString > OO3ExtensionMigration_getSupportedServiceNames()

Definition at line 27 of file cexportsoo3.cxx.