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SvxFontSubstCheckListBox Class Reference

#include <fontsubs.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SvxFontSubstCheckListBox (SvSimpleTableContainer &rParent, WinBits nBits)
bool IsChecked (sal_uLong nPos, sal_uInt16 nCol=0)
void CheckEntryPos (sal_uLong nPos, sal_uInt16 nCol, bool bChecked)
void CheckEntry (SvTreeListEntry *pEntry, sal_uInt16 nCol, bool bChecked)
void SetCheckButtonState (SvTreeListEntry *, sal_uInt16 nCol, SvButtonState)
void setColSizes ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SvSimpleTable
 SvSimpleTable (SvSimpleTableContainer &rParent, WinBits nBits=WB_BORDER)
virtual ~SvSimpleTable () override
virtual void dispose () override
void UpdateViewSize ()
void InsertHeaderEntry (const OUString &rText, sal_uInt16 nCol=HEADERBAR_APPEND, HeaderBarItemBits nBits=HeaderBarItemBits::STDSTYLE)
void EnableTable ()
void DisableTable ()
bool IsEnabled () const
void SortByCol (sal_uInt16, bool bDir=true)
sal_uInt16 GetSortedCol ()
SvLBoxItemGetEntryAtPos (SvTreeListEntry *pEntry, sal_uInt16 nPos) const
bool IsFocusOnCellEnabled () const
HeaderBarGetTheHeaderBar ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool IsChecked (SvTreeListEntry *pEntry, sal_uInt16 nCol=0)
static SvButtonState GetCheckButtonState (SvTreeListEntry *, sal_uInt16 nCol)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void SetTabs () override
virtual void KeyInput (const KeyEvent &rKEvt) override
virtual void Resize () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SvSimpleTable
virtual void NotifyScrolled () override
virtual void Paint (vcl::RenderContext &rRenderContext, const tools::Rectangle &rRect) override
virtual void HBarClick ()
void HBarDrag ()
void HBarEndDrag ()
sal_Int32 ColCompare (SvTreeListEntry *, SvTreeListEntry *)


class SvxFontSubstTabPage

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file fontsubs.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SvxFontSubstCheckListBox::SvxFontSubstCheckListBox ( SvSimpleTableContainer rParent,
WinBits  nBits 

Definition at line 45 of file fontsubs.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

void SvxFontSubstCheckListBox::CheckEntry ( SvTreeListEntry pEntry,
sal_uInt16  nCol,
bool  bChecked 

Definition at line 482 of file fontsubs.cxx.

References SetCheckButtonState().

Referenced by SvxFontSubstTabPage::Reset().

void SvxFontSubstCheckListBox::CheckEntryPos ( sal_uLong  nPos,
sal_uInt16  nCol,
bool  bChecked 

Definition at line 473 of file fontsubs.cxx.

References SetCheckButtonState().

Referenced by KeyInput().

SvButtonState SvxFontSubstCheckListBox::GetCheckButtonState ( SvTreeListEntry pEntry,
sal_uInt16  nCol 
bool SvxFontSubstCheckListBox::IsChecked ( sal_uLong  nPos,
sal_uInt16  nCol = 0 

Definition at line 491 of file fontsubs.cxx.

References GetCheckButtonState().

Referenced by SvxFontSubstTabPage::FillItemSet(), and KeyInput().

bool SvxFontSubstCheckListBox::IsChecked ( SvTreeListEntry pEntry,
sal_uInt16  nCol = 0 

Definition at line 496 of file fontsubs.cxx.

References GetCheckButtonState().

void SvxFontSubstCheckListBox::KeyInput ( const KeyEvent rKEvt)
void SvxFontSubstCheckListBox::Resize ( )

Definition at line 426 of file fontsubs.cxx.

References setColSizes().

void SvxFontSubstCheckListBox::SetCheckButtonState ( SvTreeListEntry pEntry,
sal_uInt16  nCol,
SvButtonState  eState 
void SvxFontSubstCheckListBox::setColSizes ( )
void SvxFontSubstCheckListBox::SetTabs ( )

Reimplemented from SvSimpleTable.

Definition at line 432 of file fontsubs.cxx.

References SvLBoxTab::nFlags, and SvSimpleTable::SetTabs().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class SvxFontSubstTabPage

Definition at line 34 of file fontsubs.hxx.

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