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component_context.hxx File Reference
#include "com/sun/star/uno/Any.hxx"
#include "com/sun/star/uno/Reference.hxx"
#include "cppuhelper/cppuhelperdllapi.h"
#include "rtl/ustring.hxx"
#include "sal/types.h"
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struct  cppu::ContextEntry_Init
 Context entries init struct calling createComponentContext(). More...


namespace  com
namespace  com::sun
namespace  com::sun::star
namespace  com::sun::star::uno
namespace  cppu


CPPUHELPER_DLLPUBLIC css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XComponentContext > SAL_CALL cppu::createComponentContext (ContextEntry_Init const *pEntries, sal_Int32 nEntries, css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XComponentContext > const &xDelegate=css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XComponentContext >())
 Creates a component context with the given entries. More...