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compbase.cxx File Reference
#include <compbase2.hxx>
#include <sal/log.hxx>
#include <osl/diagnose.h>
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namespace  cppuhelper
 This is a straight copy of the include/comphelper/compbase.hxx file, copied here because it is nigh impossible to move shared code down into the URE layer.


static void cppuhelper::checkInterface (css::uno::Type const &rType)
static bool cppuhelper::isXInterface (rtl_uString *pStr)
static bool cppuhelper::td_equals (typelib_TypeDescriptionReference const *pTDR1, typelib_TypeDescriptionReference const *pTDR2)
static cppu::type_entry * cppuhelper::getTypeEntries (cppu::class_data *cd)
static void * cppuhelper::makeInterface (sal_IntPtr nOffset, void *that)
static bool cppuhelper::recursivelyFindType (typelib_TypeDescriptionReference const *demandedType, typelib_InterfaceTypeDescription const *type, sal_IntPtr *offset)
static void * cppuhelper::queryDeepNoXInterface (typelib_TypeDescriptionReference const *pDemandedTDR, cppu::class_data *cd, void *that)
css::uno::Any cppuhelper::WeakComponentImplHelper_query (css::uno::Type const &rType, cppu::class_data *cd, WeakComponentImplHelperBase2 *pBase)
 WeakComponentImplHelper. More...