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Contains database pieces, drivers, etc.

dbaccess builds UI on top of this.


- The CppunitTest_mysql_test unit test can be used to test the mysqlc library with any versions of mysql or mariadb server of your choice. - This test does not run automatically. It can be triggered with setting the environment variable "CONNECTIVITY_TEST_MYSQL_DRIVER". - The environment variable should contain a URL of the following format: user/passwd@sdbc:mysql:mysqlc:host:port/db_name

- tl;dr:

podman pull mariadb/server podman run --name=mariadb -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=foobarbaz -p mariadb/server podman exec -it mariadb /bin/bash -c "echo -e CREATE DATABASE test | /usr/bin/mysql -u root" (cd connectivity && make -srj8 CppunitTest_connectivity_mysql_test CONNECTIVITY_TEST_MYSQL_DRIVER="root/foobarbaz@sdbc:mysql:mysqlc:") podman stop mariadb podman rm mariadb