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comphelper::service_decl Namespace Reference




struct  class_
struct  inheritingClass_
class  ServiceDecl
 Class to declare a service implementation. More...
struct  serviceimpl_base
 Defines a service implementation class. More...
struct  vba_service_class_
struct  with_args
 To specify whether the implementation class expects arguments (uno::Sequence<uno::Any>). More...


voidcomponent_getFactoryHelper (const sal_Char *pImplName, std::initializer_list< ServiceDecl const * > args)


const char cDelim = ';'

Function Documentation

COMPHELPER_DLLPUBLIC void * comphelper::service_decl::component_getFactoryHelper ( const sal_Char pImplName,
std::initializer_list< ServiceDecl const * >  args 

Definition at line 146 of file servicedecl.cxx.

References fac(), and i.

Variable Documentation

const char comphelper::service_decl::cDelim = ';'

Definition at line 34 of file servicedecl.cxx.