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comphelper::MapEnumeration Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 MapEnumeration (::cppu::OWeakObject &_parentMap, MapData &_mapData,::cppu::OBroadcastHelper &_rBHelper, const EnumerationType _type, const bool _isolated)
virtual sal_Bool SAL_CALL hasMoreElements () override
virtual Any SAL_CALL nextElement () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from comphelper::ComponentBase
::osl::Mutex & getMutex (GuardAccess)
 retrieves the component's mutex More...
void checkDisposed (GuardAccess) const
 checks whether the component is already disposed, throws a DisposedException if so. More...
void checkInitialized (GuardAccess) const
 checks whether the component is already initialized, throws a NotInitializedException if not. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~MapEnumeration () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from comphelper::ComponentBase
 ComponentBase (::cppu::OBroadcastHelper &_rBHelper)
 creates a ComponentBase instance More...
 ComponentBase (::cppu::OBroadcastHelper &_rBHelper, NoInitializationNeeded)
 creates a ComponentBase instance More...
void setInitialized ()
 marks the instance as initialized More...
::cppu::OBroadcastHelpergetBroadcastHelper ()
 retrieves the component's broadcast helper More...
::osl::Mutex & getMutex ()
 retrieves the component's mutex More...
bool impl_isDisposed () const
 determines whether the instance is already disposed More...
bool impl_isInitialized_nothrow () const
 determines whether the component is already initialized More...

Private Attributes

Reference< XInterfacem_xKeepMapAlive
std::unique_ptr< MapDatam_pMapDataCopy
MapEnumerator m_aEnumerator

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from comphelper::ComponentBase
static css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > getComponent ()
 returns the context to be used when throwing exceptions More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 260 of file enumerablemap.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

comphelper::MapEnumeration::MapEnumeration ( ::cppu::OWeakObject _parentMap,
MapData _mapData,
::cppu::OBroadcastHelper _rBHelper,
const EnumerationType  _type,
const bool  _isolated 

Definition at line 264 of file enumerablemap.cxx.

virtual comphelper::MapEnumeration::~MapEnumeration ( )

Member Function Documentation

sal_Bool SAL_CALL comphelper::MapEnumeration::hasMoreElements ( )
Any SAL_CALL comphelper::MapEnumeration::nextElement ( )

Definition at line 708 of file enumerablemap.cxx.

References Any, m_aEnumerator, and comphelper::MapEnumerator::nextElement().

Member Data Documentation

MapEnumerator comphelper::MapEnumeration::m_aEnumerator

Definition at line 292 of file enumerablemap.cxx.

Referenced by hasMoreElements(), nextElement(), and ~MapEnumeration().

std::unique_ptr< MapData > comphelper::MapEnumeration::m_pMapDataCopy

Definition at line 291 of file enumerablemap.cxx.

Referenced by ~MapEnumeration().

Reference< XInterface > comphelper::MapEnumeration::m_xKeepMapAlive

Definition at line 290 of file enumerablemap.cxx.

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